Question about suspensions

anyone knows why if someone got suspended , cant still access official server despite of fulfilling his suspension? the message below clearly states that today access to the server will be granted,

the message is still popping , no matter what official server is trying to join.

yes zendesk ticket has been issued. (i am just quite confused)

thanks in advance. happy thursday!

As I understand it FC counts the day that they claim you’ll have access on. You’ll be unbanned on next server reset.


i htink you might be right, but yet the message they sent is wrong, maybe is they add somerthing like
you will have access again AFTER xxxx-xx-xx

So his friend is in Unbanned Purgatory?

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Yup. You get all excited that you’ll be able to play again only to find out that it’s not true.

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evil funcom, playing with our desires XD hahaha.

maybe this is a good thread so they can modify their text ? as it might cause frustration . (just saying)

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I mean, technically unbanned. Keep complaining, and don’t be surprised if your server doesn’t reboot for a while. :smiley:

lol, should we just do pre-emptive complaints? hehehe.

Ouch, that stings. Palm, tell your friend to get out the aloe.


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not the case, no the ban is usually 14 days and today is the 14 day, witch is in line with the date posted, i have never heard of a 44 day ban ever hehehe. but hey thanks for scary comment hehehehe

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