Question about the Purge mechanics

Hi there, Im trying to find some information about the Purge, there are some aspects about this system I still dont understand…

  1. What actions increases the meter?
  2. Does it decay in time?
  3. Can your base be attacked if you are not online to defend it?
  4. At what time the Purge happen? I think its everyday from 6 - 10 PM server time… but I play online, how can I check the server time?


This is based on the information I have seen. It is possible that it may not be accurate since they are still fine tuning the purge.

  1. The size of your base and clan affects this along with a server setting.
  2. No, the purge meter gets reset when the purge attacks your base.
  3. If you are in a clan and 1 member is online, then yes. If you are a solo player on a server, you have to be online to get attacked.
  4. This depends on the server setting.

Thanks, I really dont like the mechanics as it is now, there are two major problems I see:

  1. The worst problem is the fact the Purge feels like a forced feature which will get annoying in time. Seems like we are meant to be attacked because the meter doesnt decay in time. It becomes a problem when you realize you are either at the risk of being attacked or almost there and dont have so much time to spare in the game… Imagine the situation, you know your meter is full, you wanna play the game but you only have a limited time to play that night. You either log in/stay playing at the risk being attacked and maybe have no time to defend and lose days of work or you dont play at all or log out earlier than you intended… I think any feature that intimidate you to play is badly designed.

  2. People play in different timezones and we cannot see the server time we play, it should be always visible in the UI or at least when you open the menu. Purge is set on server settings and the players cant see that.

  1. The Purge is meant to represent how the other factions within the Exiled Lands react to your presence — usually by trying to raid you and take your stuff. Rather than just letting you build, hoard, and enslave their people, the factions will bring the fight to you.
    As for not wanting to ‘lose your stuff’, that’s just part of the game. The game world is one where the strong take from the weak, and if you’re not strong enough to hold onto what you have, then it will be taken from you.
    It’s not “badly designed”, it’s actually a deliberate design choice that aligns with the Conan theme. Being in charge of the game world is something to be strived for — when you first start playing, the game itself will be in command of your experience, and you’ll be struggling to survive. Only after mastering the game world can you really have the freedoms of doing what you want, when you want.
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