Question about thralls and benches

ok, i noticed the thralls has NO direct inflience or changes in several benches and by that i mean does not cut resources, and does not increases crafting speed or fuel efficiency.

carpenters : the bench products will cost the same as no having a thrall in it (intended?) the speed is the same as having a thrall in it or not (intended?)

blacksmiths, on blacksmith id ont see reduced cost or increased speed, regardless of if there is a thrall or not, i did noticed the presence of the purge recipe reinforce, and it only shopws if you have a t3 or t4 (did not test with t2)

smelters and taskmasters they both increases speed, no reduction in costs. tanner also increases speed, (At least t4s)

not tested on armorers, and alchemist.

i am trying to figure it out if thralls will be important for this game going forward or not, ( as it is right now, in some professions its not the case, not important at all , at least on their main benches)

Thralls influence speed, you didnt see any speed increase probably because of the broken 455 new patch. Now the benches are the ones that reduce the cost, so better benches means less materials, thralls just handle speed now except for the armorer and blacksmith wich gives you stats depending on tier, also named ones have 3 different specializations each one giving diferent things to weapons and armors such as armor penetration, etc.

Yeah, I really question the validity of this patch on the whole from a design perspective. What’s the point of having this deep, varied and robust thrall system in the game and then just… circumventing it all, changing it all, and rendering it milquetoast at best? D: It really undermines all the work that went into the game on that front for the last 2 years. I have a hard time believing everyone on the design team was ok with this idea. D:

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