Question about what is targeted for purge

I am trying to make my main base bigger than my old base. I thought I achieved that by adding quite a lot of decorations, mainly plates, cups, etc. Stuff I keep getting from NPC’s.

This didn’t do the trick. I am wondering now if my wall got counted as part of my base. It would explain why my new base didn’t get targeted.

Does anyone know how this works exactly? How many “points” does each foundation get vs a decoration. I thought everything just counted as 1 point, but it must work some other way. Just curious for future builds.

I will connect my wall to my building, just to make sure, and I will add a ton of new stuff to try and make my main base the biggest. But would help if I knew how the system worked precisely.

I have scattered building, archer towers etc that are not connected to my main building, do these get counted…or no?

I’m not sure I understand fully how it works myself, but from what I gather the purge meter considers whether or not you performed a type of action and assigns points for that action. Not the number of times you performed that action. For example, you build one foundation block in the last ten minutes, you get one point. If you build 500 foundation blocks in the last ten minutes, you get one point. If you build a few foundation blocks, kill an NPC, and gather some wood all in the last ten minutes, you get three points. (I don’t know the exact time frame. I just used ten minutes for the examples.)

Once the meter is filled enough for a purge, it targets one of your foundations at random and sends a group after it. If they can’t find a path to that foundation, like if you build on a cliff or something, that’s when you get stuff popping up out of your floors. Any one of your bases, towers, outposts, bridges, hovels, shacks, wood sheds or outhouses could be targeted and I don’t think there’s any way to influence it.

Anyway, this is my current understanding of how it works and I could be wrong.

Oh sorry thats not what I meant by points. Let me rephrase.

Your bases have a value assigned to them based on how many assets you have. An asset being any building piece (like a foundation), decorations, crafting machines etc.

The more “things” you have on your base the higher the value assigned. When a purge occurs it checks this number amongst all your bases and determines which base has the highest value. This is the base that gets attacked.

What I wanted to know was, are there different values for each piece you have at your base. Example, a decoration probably has a value of 1. So if you have 100 decoration then thats a value of 100. So are foundations the same value? Would they be 1, or more points? Main reason I am asking, is so I can know what is better to build to try and raise my overall value for my base.

The other question, was…are outer walls and other parts of your base that are not attached to your largest building counted? Like say an animal pen sitting outside on the ground, or a watch tower looming over a wall, but not actually attached to any buildings.

Hope that made more sense.

Are you sure that’s how it works? Because all except one of the purges I’ve experienced have attacked small outposts or bridges in the middle of nowhere that were exclusively for dragging a captured thrall across. And I did have a moderately sized main base set up at the time with plenty of ground access and a number of decoration items.

Then again, maybe that’s one of the things that changed in the big patch.

That is how they explained it when they released the purge patch a few weeks back. I have had 1 purge since they released the patch. Like you the purge was attacking first a chest/campfire I had on a cliff somewhere. After 3-4 purges I destroyed everything there. Then the purge moved to my smallest base.

After the purge patch, the purge attacked what must have been my largest base. I tried to make my new base bigger, but my old base must have a higher value somehow. Its is quite large, but I thought I had enough decoration at the new place to counter act the old large base.

I could be way off in comparing my 2 bases. So I am in the process of making my new snow base a LOT larger. I will have it ready for my next purge in a few days or week…roughly.

Still not at sold that works. Had a purge a week ago, it attacked 4 waves… 3 different bases at different parts of the map. I still think the biggest influencer, if there is one… is artifacts. Those things that can let you pass out of the portal should you want to finish the game. My base that has most of those, gets attacked the most. The guy in Sepemaru by one of the entrances kinda puts that info out there about the purge.

Hmm, never heard that before, but the base that did get attacked, does have most of those. I will move them. Thanks for the tip. At this stage I will try almost anything to get the right base attacked…lol

This hasn’t been my experience at all. I have several artifacts stored in my base near Black Galleon, and I’ve never had a Purge target it.

In theory, the Purge should target the base which is closest to you in single-player, and in multiplayer they target one of your bases determined by the amount of “points” the base has as well as a random number - so you won’t always get the Purge at your best base, but it’s a more likely target.

That’s the theory. The jury is still out on whether it actually works that way.

We have 8 out buildings scattered around our base, and map rooms all over the place.

To date, every purge we have ever had hit the furthest away building in the base area EVERY TIME.
Over the last month I built a base next to the map room @ set city. It is built on two layers, one low, wheels, up high on a plateau, the map room and building.

Since all the who-ha over purges, we have had only one, and instead of hitting the furthest building in the compound, it hit the set city base.

If you have only a base, then it gets attacked, but if you build out building, the smallest, furthest away should be the target of the attack.

This is what I am thinking. I play on a 2 player private server (on my LAN). I have extended my main building by a lot. Connected the massive outer walls to my main building, extended one side of it to double it. I still have planned a massive bridge connected to the snow bridge near the obelisk to my base, which is on the other side of the bridge a bit further down along the water.

Its quite a distance to that bridge, but If I can connect to it, my base should be at least double the size of my last one, if not more. Been wanting a purge T4 for ages, last purge all I got was crappy T1/2 fighters/archers.

Hey there,

As long as there’s improvements coming, points aren’t 100% solid yet (nor is the formula for them)

No, as it was previously, all attached foundations are one building.

…This is the only approach I could think of :thinking:

I did connect my massive outer wall to my main building. The towers are very small, so I won’t bother with those. But I will make this base as massive as possible b4 my next purge. I get a purge once every 2-3 weeks. So plenty of time.

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