Question about workstations

I am trying to plan out my base design and how big I need to build to fit everything in. I cannot find any info on which workstations I can out right replace, when I unlock the improved version, and which I need to keep the normal workstation around in addition to the improved version. After many hours of searching various websites, uTube, and forums its looking like I need to keep the normal Armor’s workstation and the Large Camp Fire.

But I have found nothing that mentions the Stoves,Tanners, Blacksmiths, Alchemy Cauldrons, or the Forge.

Anyone have any more info?

  • you can replace your blacksmith, furnace, stove, alchemy, tanner.
  • you need old and new armorer and olso any kind of fire for cooking
    carpenter, torturer, artisian has no upgraded versions
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from what i have noticed, all improved versions of the same worksation can fit in the same space.
I’m 100% sure about the improved stove, since i have replaced 2 of each recently, and i’m pretty sure it’s the same for all others, since i was able to replace them all in many beases without any issues.
Maybe the improved furnace is a tiny bit bigger than the regular one (not sure though), but if it’s the case, it’s definitely not a lot of a difference.

Not real worried about the size. What I’m looking at is the crafting recipes in each one. If the Improved version has all the recipes that are in the normal version I don’t see any reason to keep the normal version around taking up space.

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