Question about Yellow Lotus Potion and Ancestral Knowledge from Battle Pass

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I understand Yellow Lotus Potion can cause some problems when used.

My specific question is this:

If I use a Yellow Lotus Potion, will the Ancestral Knowledge learned from the Battle Pass be affected?

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Easiest way to test it safety is to create a new character in single player, go admin then scoff a yellow lotus potion right after Conan cuts you down from the cross.

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From my experience, Yellow Lotus Potion does nothing to your Ancestral Knowledge.


This assumes that one has already bought the Battle Pass and unlocked everything.

but wait, didn’t you say in a different thread that you did not buy the Battle Pass?

if that’s true, what is the basis for your claim?


There were freebies that you get even if you don’t buy the BP.

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They remain in the knowledge tab but they do not show up in the build patterns. I have a ticket in now on the xbox bug reports forum.

Since you are on X box I would assume ui looks the same as pc when playing with controller. Theres a filter for a things you can build/ craft in build menu for crafting tables which by default is set to none which will only show base game items you need to use right stick to change the filter to either All or special to see the battle pass items

Free rewards.

Yellow lotus potion won’t reset any of the special knowledge. Neither from battle pass, library of esoteric artifacts, or other knowledge you learned “out there”.

The only knowledge this potion affects are those which are available usually for everyone and you have to spend knowledge points to acces the recipes.

My experience considering this is only with Exiled Lands, there might be problems in Isle of Siptah.

I’m not sure your statement is 100% accurate, as there have been reports of Yellow Lotus Potion causing issues for some folks in certain situations.

Also, this is in the Patch Notes -

Ah, sorry for that statement then and thanks for the heads up. I have slightly above zero experience with IoS. Also if that’s so, obviously has to be a bug. :thinking:

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