Question: any plans on how funcom will handle the flying thralls?

ok , topic,

now we have hundreds of abandoned thralls /flying thralls that they dont seem to go away…

please tell me you guys have something in mind to fix the issue?

thank you , have a wonderful week

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please any input @Community thank you so much in advance!

Okay…since no one else is talking, I might as well be the one to break the news. This problem dates back to early access. I thought they had it fixed once, but here we are. In short, don’t hold your breath.

Think it is time to adress this yes. Totaly ruins any immersion running around a landscape coverd in flying thralls. I for one, would gladly welcome feeding system again. Seing them die off when it was introdused was one off the most gratefull moments i had in this game.


There’s some changes coming to the thrall system that should alleviate this problem. :soon:


hi @Ignasi
i htink it will be good to have some sort of information as what is planned?

maybe, with a bit of information , we could help with ideas, or a discussion that could make the intended changes better?

please be kind to share what the changes are … i am sure , sharing it wont make any different . due to the current state of the problem.

thank you.


Except crying of nerfs, where did FC ever did what their playerbase wants? :smiley:

People report broken things on Testlive and they still get released broken or even more broken…

Yes!!! On the patch day, all thralls become purge thralls and turn on us masters, and then each other. Thrallpocolypse 2019!!! :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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There will be more information on this whenever it’s ready to be announced. Until then, rest assured we’re aware. :slight_smile:


I play on official pve-c server, my 2 bases are at noob river and oasis by Sepermeru, 1 clan member has a base close to the bridge of Betrayer up north and a 3rd member had a base in the jungle near Xel-ha docks which decayed because he wasn’t there for more than 2 weeks.
Roughly 3 weeks after the decay I went there to see if I could salvage some thralls and pets, but they were all decayed except a few creatures made from corrupted bone, so in some cases you actually have to be there at the spot to refresh thralls and pets also to prevent them from decaying :slight_smile:

thats not how it works in our server., we see them flying , or in the ground, all it takes for an innactive player to log in (regardless of where) and all Thralls are reseted. i play in official pve 1930

Yes I see that too(on pve-c 1041), but in our case it didn’t matter if someone logged several times a week, those at the decayed base vanished because none of us were there for more than 2 weeks and I am fine with that because it should be like this, but it seems very inconsistent :slight_smile:

I wonder. when did you place those thralls? could this be legacy issues. AS in, if placed pre fix for area refresh, they adhere to old rule, refreshed if payer just logs in, and any newly placed ones follow the new rule, of are refresh like normal building pieces? But as @Ignasi said, it seems a “fix” is coming. Thrallpoclypse 2019!!!

So the solution is flying enemies

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Don’t think any of them were flying, it was a walled in ground base, but that place has gorillas as the worst predators and it does seem strange that 3 T4 vulcano fighters in epic flawless armor with legendary weapons would die + a few greater pets while the weakest, a few stable animations(creatures made from corrupted bones) were the only survivors :slight_smile:


“We’re aware of it…there’s fixes coming…we’ll announce it when we’re ready.”

Same answers, different question. Rinse and repeat since day one. Game remains buggy.
Not being mean…just telling it like it is.

Yeah they try to keep from saying exactly what’s going on now because in the early days even in EA they would say we are going to do something and then it would have to be pushed back or like mounts scrapped and then people would throw a fit because it didn’t happen. Which i understand both sides if a company says they will do something and it doesn’t happen it gets aggravating but i also understand sometimes things just don’t work how the devs want them to so they scrap it. Which is why im pretty sure they quit giving “exact” details. I would like to see more polls and stuff of the like if they are going to nerf or buff items to get the communities input but again i can understand if they are hesitant even on that

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We clearly need flying shark mounts with lasers to address this issue. And 1 million dollars.


Or at the very least some mutant sea bass.