Question: any plans on how funcom will handle the flying thralls?


“We’re aware of it…there’s fixes coming…we’ll announce it when we’re ready.”

Same answers, different question. Rinse and repeat since day one. Game remains buggy.
Not being mean…just telling it like it is.

Yeah they try to keep from saying exactly what’s going on now because in the early days even in EA they would say we are going to do something and then it would have to be pushed back or like mounts scrapped and then people would throw a fit because it didn’t happen. Which i understand both sides if a company says they will do something and it doesn’t happen it gets aggravating but i also understand sometimes things just don’t work how the devs want them to so they scrap it. Which is why im pretty sure they quit giving “exact” details. I would like to see more polls and stuff of the like if they are going to nerf or buff items to get the communities input but again i can understand if they are hesitant even on that

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We clearly need flying shark mounts with lasers to address this issue. And 1 million dollars.


Or at the very least some mutant sea bass.


I’m still waiting for the killer rabbits :stuck_out_tongue:

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And that’s exactly what happens when you try to implement what people want in the game before you’ve made the game as solid and bug free as possible and fully understand why those bugs exist.

The smart thing for Funcom to do right now from a business standpoint is to table the wants and demands from the players. Then focus on getting a handle on the base game. Get as many bugs out as possible, get the performance as true as possible, and have a firm understanding of what makes the bugs happen and how to immediately address them if they occur.

Then once the game is as rock solid as possible, go back to trying to assuage the players and what they want in the game…but take a very realistic look at what will work, what won’t, and why. Implement what you can, file 13 the ones that won’t work, and let people know why those things won’t work. And leave it at that.

The reason I believe this would be a smart course of action from Funcom from a business angle is simple. There are many people like me who play games and who pay close attention to what the developer does. Currently, there’s no way I’d even look at Funcom’s next project or purchasing DLC based on how they’ve handled Conan Exiles. I would deem in a waste of my money because of the high frustration factor CE has had. Games should be fun and relaxing, not frustrating because of being buggy and having performance issues.

That said, if Funcom were to get Conan Exiles squared away, I’d be up front waving their banner cheering. I’d also be very likely to buy all of the CE DLC which I haven’t touched because of the condition the base game has been in since the official release. Plus, I’d be more than happy to take a look at future Funcom games and give them more money as well as recommend them to friends.

Trust is earned based on what is done…not what is said or promised.

I agree with you in the fact that trust is earned, but really to me at least seeing where the game was from EA to launch and from launch until now they are making great strides in improvements on every aspect of the game (not saying it doesn’t have a long way to go to be as polished as it could/should be) i also agree it may be time for them to pull back a little on the extras and put more focus maybe manpower on the glitches and other core game issues. Altogether though i think funcom is doing a great job with a product they admitted was released before it was ready.

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