Question: can archers shoot through the sides of the new rope bridge?

Hi there!

I’m considering buying the new DLC, mainly because I like the look of the new rope bridge. The thing is, though, that I’d really like my archers to be able to stand on those bridges and have a clear shot downwards, as if there were no sides to the bridge at all.

So my question is:
Do the sides of the new rope bridges function as “fences”, limiting the aim of archers - or are they “not really there”, allowing archers to shoot straight through them?

I don’t expect archers to be able to shoot directly down through the floor of the bridge (or up through it from below).

Has anyone had any experience with this yet?
Any input would be much appreciated, thanks :slight_smile:

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That’s actually an interesting question and something I would like to know as well. you would think they’d be able to, but you never know where they put collision at in game. hopefully just the rope that you’d put your hand on while walking across is the collision and they can shoot under or over it, but also cant just run off of it.

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