Question for Ap and Sp

How to get many AP and SP at lvl 50 ???

Running missions.

Mission Kaidan??? or all mission???

Kaiden has probably some of the most detailed routes and has multiple benefits aside from AP/SP. Keys can yield a reasonable MoF income as well as shard income. If you are non patron you may wish to look up some shadowy forest or scorched desert runs as they are other popular zones while you wait on cds. I don’t know the routes and as I was always more of a fan of just finding my own routes. But if you can find someone to take you along on a mission route it’s perhaps the best was to learn.

If you want to pick out specific missions based on XP per minute, the Gear and Theorycraft spreadsheet has that info for you.

Kaidan story repeats probably have the most XP per mission, but some of them can be rather long.

Kaidan is the most beneficial, but any mission will gain you XP which gets you AP and SP. Endgame content like Dungeons and Raid doesn’t give good XP at all.

Collecting Legends is also a good source if you dont have all of them yet. Believe it gives xp relative to your level.

Indeed it does. Technically, that’s another SWL design flaw: xp wise, it’s massively beneficial to not touch any legends until one hits level 50, then go back and collect them all.

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No it isn’t. You have to account the time you’d take to move towards the lore when you’re lvl 50 (backtracking old zones a lot) vs picking it up when passing nearby while doing missions the first time.

Which happens naturally when people want to get their hands on agents from missions (except from KM of course).


No that’s not something that would happen “naturally”. I never backtracked old missions even once considering how low of a value on the AH the mission agents are. It was always more efficient to run endgame zones such as Kaidan, or later, New Dawn. I know a lot of people that didn’t either when agents got released.

There’s no reason to run old missions considering you can just run endgame efficient missions, get chances to drop agents from those, resell them, and buy the ones that drop from old zones.

See, that’s the problem here. Well, that and your “efficiency uber alles” shtick.

For you.*

For someone who’d want to maximize his AP/SP earnings per time spent alongside mof and anima shards, this is the way to go, period. Not my problem if you don’t like it. Also, the discussion came from the “efficiency” standpoint where someone suggested to NOT collect lores while not lvl 50, and i just countered by saying that this is not the most efficient way of doing it.

Except you’re wrong.

The game makes you backtrack to a number of places at level 50, for level 50 or later missions. From an efficiency standpoint, you musn’t touch any legend in Agartha, London, New York or Kingsmouth prior to level 50, as you will have to go to those hubs/zones at level 50 for mission completionist purposes.

Additionally, most legends you don’t ever actually get close enough to to “randomly” pick up; you have to explicitly hunt them down. Do that when you visit a zone because you’re running the corresponding lair, and the oh so huge loss of time you pretend there is instantly becomes negligible as you’re in the zone anyways. Which will be true at least once for any pre-level 50 zone if you are a completionist; a completionist has to do all lairs at least once.

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Where am i wrong? I just stated that the lores are worth collecting if you pass by in zones like KM, SC etc… You obviously don’t even visit lots of zones (such as agartha branches) while you level up until 50. I didn’t tell anyone to get out of their way and collect everything before being 50 (especially with a low level sprint, one should start running around and collect the missing lores with the highest possible sprint level), don’t make me say something i didn’t.

Understanding skills are lacking these days. You said “any” legends, i said it was wrong, since collecting some of them was my point (your statement implied that when you’re in Egypt for example and are lvl 49, if you come across a lore, don’t collect it! you’re not 50 yet!)

Later, you changed your stance from “any” to:

Which i’d agree with, Kingsmouth is also debatable even if you come across lores while leveling up since you’ll be low level so the XP granted by lores in KM by that time would actually be low. Starting collecting lores from SC when you come across them is certainly the best way to go.

PS: next time, please stop accusing people of lieing, especially if you change your stance in the middle of the discussion.

The highest amount of experience per mission come from the Kaidan repeatable story missions. Some of them are short enough to be repeated comfortably and also have side missions attached to them.

Contract Killers (Bathhouse)
Spiral (Yuichi’s Apartment)
Youth Outreach (Rabbit detective)
Assault on Orochi Tower (Tower tunnel)

I also like Venice Sinking (Venice) and My Bloody Valentine (Clubhouse) but these two can take significantly longer depending on your familiarity and gear.

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The missions in Orochi Tower are also fast enough to rush (up to Anansi floors, not worth doing those), and they are the primary sources of Pierre Delacroix’s dossiers, those sell for roughly twice as much as a dossier from old zones.