Question for mods: limited admin codes on PvE servers?

Hi there.

I would really like to film my buildings on a PvE server - from the air.
Therefore I would like to be able to apply for a limited admin code, making me an admin with limited powers (specifically: the power to fly) on my PvE server for a limited time period.

My question to the mods (and devs) is: would it be possible to introduce such a system to the game? I.e. making it possible for players to apply for a “limited time, limited power” admin status (maybe under supervision)?

I can see how this could be abused on PvP servers, but on PvE servers it would be harmless.

I know, I know: “you can just recreate your PvE buildings on a single-player server”, right? Nah, not really. I’ll not be able to recreate it exactly as it is, and it would take me an insane amount of time.
I really like the town I’ve created, and I’d love to create a nice-looking little tour around the campus - since it’s gonna decay sooner or later (I can’t keep logging in at least once a week).

If what I’m asking for is already possible in the game, please disregard this post … and please tell me how to do it :wink:

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