Question: how exactly do we find T4s in siptah?

i only see t1 crafters coming down from the wild surges . i am yet to see t2 and t3 crafters.

any ideas? tips?

feel free to send me PM if you guys dont want to spoil it for everyone

having the same problem. killed thralls for 2 hours last night waiting for a t4. never got one

you need to trigger strongest surge, wild ones get you weakest workforce

i did that for 2 hours. never found one T4

so how exactly ? does one call for the stronger ones? i got hundred of decaying eldariun i also got the recipe for the bench and constructs, still no idea what is needed…

they at least should give people a hint, and the wiki there is no information about it.

Hint: use the storm in some way to get resources to up the value of the surge.


where it writes? so use convergence trap at storm time and when storm over need to do surge, isnt it?

you go to the storm, kill storm spawn enemies, use unstable essence thing to increase surge quality, still didnt get t4 thralls

ok mnade the trap, the trap can be placed in no build zones?

do you recommend setting one or several traps around the tower?

how do we feed the unstabhle essense into the surge quality?

sorry for all this questions :slight_smile:

i am learning lol

Unstable isn’t gonna cut it. Think bigger. Badder. And preferably with chest lasers.

I have called 4 maximum surge, with 1000 chaos (essences) and T4 crafters do not appear, only fighters

Yeah there are issues with drop rates.

Here is one interesting post from Reddit:
Surge levels and Leyshrine information

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U basically kill monsters in storm to get fuel for shrines, spend manny days there, and then u summon surge , surge is visible on whole map, so then moron campers run to u and wait till u fight surge monsters, they will camp and then steal all ur thralls, even in pVE … so dunno how to get t4 normally