Question: is there a config line to restore T4's to spawn in Volcano (Unofficial server)?

FUNCOM nerfed T4 Volcano spawns due to the tail wagging the dog syndrome. Is there some line of config or something I can edit on my private server to bring back T4 spawns in the volcano that anyone knows of?

No, there isn’t a command line. There are mods though.

My Tier4 Thralls - Increased Spawn and it’s 2 varients have it fixed

Lexa’s Exile Lands Improved and Exile Lands Improved (Fixes only) also have it fixed.

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Thanks, I know you’re a big fan of mods, so I will hit you up in a PM/DM if you don’t mind?

If you are on the unofficial fan discord, you can DM there if you want for instant communication. Otherwise, a PM here is fine.