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I’ve read as much as I can but can’t really find the answer I’m looking for: Is there any way to increase the rendering distance?

I tend to build on a grand scale and am finding it hard to actually view all of my build before bits start de-rendering!

Is it just a case of ‘more power Scottie’ or ‘suck it up buttercup.’



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Under settings > video > view distance, you can change it to low medium high and ultra

Thank you for taking the time to reply but no such option for me (PS4), just safe area, gamma and blur.

I believe @Multigun researched this and determined that render distance for player structures is hard-coded even on PC. A couple good reasons for this are:

  1. it would be a fairly sizeable advantage in PvP to be able to render bases at a greater distance
  2. it would increase strain on servers having to send and update even more data with each tick
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  1. I was wrong, kinda. Mod wise I found a way, it’s um, sorta unintended in a way but it works. Someday I’ll have a mod (hopefully) that lets players adjust it. But yes the actual numbers are hard coded.

  2. The rest is correct. It’s limited to what it is for a reason. Every area of the game that FC decides to improve on or whatever, there is a cost. And that’s performance cost. They made gains with performance patches the last several months, but the pendulum can and will swing the other way again as more and more stuff gets added on. Thus, especially on Consoles, FC has to measure out what’s important versus what to sacrifice in the name of performance and to fit other stuff in.

End result of course is nobody is happy because they think that their (whatever it is) should take the highest priority and all performance resources devoted to it :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks once again for shedding some light on the matter.

I would have thought that when you join a server, this is the point when you should dl the relevant server data rebuilding’s etc. That way you only need to render changes that happened during your session. Just a thought…



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