Question of the day


I’ve have recently returned to the game (not the best timing!) and rented my own server as always (6 months paid up in advance 40 slots) I remember I was able to spawn npc’s that moved about, Conan being one of them. I sort of remember they were dialogue npc’s. I have tried a load but they stand there like lemons. Has this been patched or have I got it all wrong.

Also the codes for ‘Thug and plunder’ would be great too.

Thanks for your help in advance.


Character Name: NIMUE
Clan: Knights of Ni
Server: The Lady of the Lake
PSN Community ‘The lady of the Lake’
Platform: PS4

P.S. We’re a server of builders so any like minded people are always welcome.

Wow not one responce. Someone must know the answer please

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