Question of the Week: What character from the Conan universe would you most want to see in game?

her lack of eyebrows always disturbed me… Sadeh the Lithe also has a lack of eyebrow…

Thulsa Doom, Red Sonjay, Valeria. Any one of these three.



Well, actually, any of the gods.

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What disturbed me even more, is her lusting for her father.

Bêlit :relieved:
She is a pirate queen
Master and leader of conan :star_struck:




she is dead though

I know Conan sort of took his place, but Kull as some sort of dark barbaric king from beyond the exiled lands that’s lost all of his humanity or honor would be pretty cool. Maybe an extreme antihero to Conan.
King Kull

Valeria or Red Sonja

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definitely valeria

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More Conan for sure!

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Thulsa Doom, his elite guards, and a Set-based DLC with many snake cult temples to raid across the new map. Maybe even tamable snake pets, too.


I agree with others, Conan is huge in the stories. He needs to be a head taller than players.

As far as a new character I would suggest a strong female like Valeria of the Red Brotherhood. Red Nails is an excellent story!

I’d love to see Bêlit, too. But even more than that, I’d love to see Subotai! I know he’s from the movie and not the stories, but so are the wheels of pain :wink:

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Captain Royo was my favorite!!!

From the original stories, that is an interesting question. I would have to think about this.

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Ahh man, guess i was too funny lol with my Conan post :slight_smile:


Well, I thought it was funny…


other point of view…



I second Juma. It’s always a refreshing change when we can see Conan fighting alongside a good ally like Juma.
unnamed (1)
Having him in the Exiled Lands would be cool, and since he is Conan’s friend it might not be too surprising to find him there. They certainly act like brothers.

I would also love to see this crazy looking guy…Grimm, from the comic books.
He is one of the few other Cimmerians we ever meet in all Conan lore, and in the comic books both of them have a history together, and not a good one. Plus he seems to file his teeth to points like the Darfari, which is always a plus for me! :smiling_imp:

Call me crazy or simply uneducated, but I was always a huge fan of Malak.

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