Question of the Week: What's your favorite mod and why?

Pickup+ (People seem to be forgetting this one. Life would suck without it).
Niflheimr - MiniMap - (The game needs a mini-map/compass).
StraysThralls - (Gives some life to the thralls and adds some RP opportunities).

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first would be PiPPI
Second, and third go together, Kerozards Paragon Leveling up to level 300, and EEWA, they kinda go hand in hand, why scratch your bracelet of at level 60 when you can go on?? and not back to eating a handful of insects…and the list goes on and on, too many good mods out there to list them all.

Age of Calamitous
Less Building Placement Restrictions

Must haves for me. Pippi adds so much more admin control to the owners, AoC adds a lot of content for end game, Fashionist for those who are used to transmogs, and LBPR is a must for builders!


Oh hey, they’ve posted work in progress shots of some of the new face options they’re working on on their trello board:

I was a little iffy when I saw they’d be based off of celebrities, but these don’t look half bad so far.

  1. Fashonist. I loved the addition of the vanity tab in Age of Conan (the true AoC) and am highly disappointed that you cannot do so in Conan Exiles. Sometimes I want to look nice while not being totally trash gear wise. And by sometime, I mean always… And helmets are just…no. I never wear them without fashionist.

  2. Pipi. It just adds to many tools that really aught to be in the game and make the world seem more alive without breaking the game like some other mods do.

These two mods are by and far my favorites and pretty much a must have. Other are nice but not necessary, others are just flat out bad in my opinion. But these two… :smile:


They could have chosen a better male model

like Ahnuld…

1-Exiled_lands_improved: Fixes ton of bugs, adds magic, and new two-handed items, adds a new religion and some nice quality of life improvements.

2-Asshuri Treasures: Adds dragons as pets as well as white dragon head as trophy.

3-Shadows of Skelos Vol.1-2: Add ton of new building items.

4-CharEditLite: Allows player to change both their and their thralls look at any time.

5-Savage Steel 1-2: Same as Shadow of Skelos add ton of building items.

6-Barbarism and armors: Adds armors for females.

7-High Heels System: Adds a high heel system.

8-Less Building Placement Restrictions

9-ExilesExtreme: Ton of building pieces again.

10-GrimProductions: some very high quality armors

The fun of being ps4 user… none of them, haha!!!

I’ve few I glanced over on Nexus… I can’t really think of any that come to mind. There was a few on mod showcase for bridges and ropes that look neat…

Vast majority of the mods are on the Steam workshop. Very few if any are on Nexus.

ikr! my fix for that problem in official servers is using vanir settler headpiece (earrings +2grit)

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Yup, the earrings are the only “helmet” I will wear and with most hairstyles you cannot even see them.

There’s also the Khitan headband if you have the DLC.

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On PC, Mrs Jones love the mods The Age of Calamitous is her favorite.
Me, I prefer the official servers

There are too many good mods out there. Some of my favorites are:

  1. Less Building Placement Restrictions most importantly adds direction arrows to building parts. In addition, it gives me more control over my building and placeables which is important.
  2. Pickup+ is necessary when CE bugs out and places a building part where I didn’t intend or I discover that a foundation block won’t rotate to the orientation I want because of a foundation block several blocks down has the wrong orientation. OCD at its worst.
  3. Exiled Architect provides some nice wooden T1 building blocks to spruce up my builds.
  4. Emberlight similarly provides tons of plants, trees, and other placeables for my builds.
  5. WYSIWIG Wheel of Pain should be in the base game because it just makes sense to see what thralls are on your wheel or if it’s even in use.
  6. Strays Thralls brings my thralls and builds to life.
  7. CharEditLite lets my character show growth and change through his/her appearance. It also helps me fix the occasional bug where my character’s neck is twisted to the side.

I can’t decide if Emberlight or Fashionist is the #1 for me. For a top 5 there should be Pippi, Pickup+ and Northern Timber or Exiled Lands Improved.

Pippi makes this game playable and sustainable as a custom server so respect there.

Emberlight and its guys are fantastic and good fun.

Warruor mutator adds nice wealth of content within the base game scope of content and power.

Exiles Extreme adds all kinds of stuff that’s pure fun.

Roleplay Aesthetics is a wonderful must.

Its a little self serving xD buuuuut
Akuba’s Salon because it adds cool customization and representation left out by so many games (slowly changing…thankfully)

But surprised this hasn’t been mentioned:
Improved Quality of Life by Muzlu Pasta
Character customization like no other! Body part sliders alone make it an absolute must. I couldn’t ever go back to a server without this.

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Conan sexiles. Because… reasons

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