Question of the Week: Why were you left to die?


For some reason I always really like that shot, and almost always compulsively screencap it whenever I bother to let the opening cutscene play out.

It certainly turned out better than the other shot I got from that one:

(Though, admittedly, this one’s funnier.)

The Invisible Woman wearing a wig.

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it is for any time someone in any story acknowledges that they are in a story by talking directly to the real person watching/listening/reading.

I didn’t pay my taxes and my bank loans :wink:. So when i became exile, i became farm & build. Now why Bella since i am a guy? It is simple. I spend endless hours farming every single thing, running from one place to another seeing my players ‘back’. I prefer to see women’s ’ back’ and no mans. Plus when i started play the game, i was fixing masculine males and they were walking like apes. So my Bella is a pleasure to my eyes i will never change her :rofl:.

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For worshiping my Holy Cats of course!


“Crushing his enemies”
“See them driven before him”
“Hear the lamentation of their women”

This is why i was left to die :smiley:

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Bunch of lies!!
I, a true worshipper of Derketo, was performing my midnight ritual in my devotee clothing.
A drunk guy decided to get on top of a camel to look at me trough my window. Noticing him, I ran outside to tell him off. I wanted to punch him, but being the small woman that I am and having a terrible aim, I hit the camel instead (the poor thing). Little did I know that drunk ward was the son of the of a very influential man that is best friends with the king. And thus I was set up… :woman_facepalming:

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I can’t remember most of my reasons, but one stands out: Breaking the Fourth Wall. I thought that was pretty funny.

I wonder how one gets authorized for dismemberment?

Join the army?

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I was not left to die… I entered the exiled lands to thrive and help desperate exiles…
Doing so 3 years now!!!

For my character, let’s say Stygian politics between Thoth-Armon and another priest with my Nord attempting to bust said priest out and getting captured after several hours of fighting and having a past history with the sorcerer turned out to be a one way ticket to the Exiled lands.

For asking funcom for sorcery.


Im affraid I cannot recall. It has been over a year and a half now since I saw the sign affixed to my characters stomach… :confused:

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It was for cooking mediocre food… you were put up there by Gordon Ramsey himself…

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Become a doctor. Then you can call it “amputation”.

From June 2, when I joined 1742.

So many jokes I could make about “low beasts” that will get me flagged…