Question on Mods

Are there any Mods for this game that are out? Specifically looking for one that helps streamline and customize the UI

that link points to an out of date version: you will miss some of the recent ui features.
you will find an updated version here : StrangeUI with AoC

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This Corruption and Stonerune files, are those necessary or just more mods? Also, I installed everything but, when I start the game with the patcher, it asks ToS then does nothing, but if I go into the folder and open AoC.exe it works. Is that how it’s suppose to go?

Corruption and Stonerune are other UIs.

That’s not correct. The patcher should check if there is an update available, download it and then you should be able to start the game with the green “START” at the bottom.
It sometimes need some time to complete update things.

Well, it keeps doing it. I have a shortcut on my desktop, I dbl click it, patcher comes up, does it’s thing, I hit play and then nothing. If I go into my AoC folder and dbl click AgeOfConan.exe, the game starts right away, no patcher, straight to login =/

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It will show a graphic and “Activate”

Before uninstalling, do the same to “Deactivate” :point_down:

After activation, ageofconan.exe can be Run as Administrator (desktop shortcut)

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