Question on people killing guarding pets

Just curious how someone did this.

Playing on official pve-c

Log says my pet was killed by accursed beserker.

Pet was guarding, I was offline, wasn’t during pvp hours.

Base is nowhere near where a hostile beserker could be pulled to the base.

Is the beserker someone’s thrall and following the player. Pulls a different mob to where my pet is and has the beserker hit my pet while swinging at the other mob?

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I am guessing its a player accidentally or purposely dragged the NPC to your guard thrall, which ended up killing the thrall. I had that happen a few times before so its not quite unusual.

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One time I was fighting a corrupted crocodile that spawned near someone’s base and suddenly, a thrall came to fight “out of nowhere” and lost.

I was the only one in the server at that time, I took the loot so it wouldn’t decay and to give it back but, the player didn’t show up, their base eventually decayed.

But, the point is that this is common and can happen if the thralls/pets leave their posts.


There is a long time bug where you can change the guard spot on followers (yours and other players) to another location. With enough effort, you could move somebodies thrall across the map.

Funcom does’t want to fix it though. So… ¯\ (ツ)

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