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I have read the purge 101 and other things about it but I am curious on one thing really. The past 3 times the purge meter been full me and my wife that play together have been hit by it when we see plenty of others playing all the time. So down to the real question how is it hitting us every time if it suppose to be random are we that unlucky or what?

Make that 4x now

It randomly selects among people/clans with a purge meter above the purge threshold.

If you are the only ones with a purge meter over the purge threshold, then there is no one else for the purge to randomly select.

On official servers there is a “purge time window” while purges can happen, usually between 18-22.

The server is able to purge only (for performance reasons) one clan at the time, so if 2 or more clan have to be purged the server will choose randomly.

But when a purge ends, if there is time left, another clan will be selected and so on until there are no clan to be purged or the time window ends.

I experimented over 50 purges in 10 months of play so I can tell you if the server where you play have low population, purge is almost immediatly at 18 o’ clock. If there are so many clan to be purged sometimes we waited even more than a week to be purged.

Plus, considering this: you can be purged from the time the purge-o-meter reach the first marker, so if you was able to reach full bar before being purged this means the server already choosed someone else instead of you several times :wink:

All the “purge” acquired beyond the first marker will be the value of purge-o-meter after you suffered a purge.

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Thank you both for the info that explains it a lot better

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