Question regarding purges

Is it possible to still get purged while not in a clan, I am not in a clan and my purge meter is rising, which makes me kinda nervous because I only have 1 little house and no thralls (not interested in enslaving people atm) so I might be screwed, if the purge still happens well… I guess rip house and my character taking a spanking at the hands of the baddies. LUL!

Yeah it is.

Are you on single player?

No, online multiplayer.

If you look at the map, if you are on the most southernmost side, you won’t be attacked, it’s the closest to the starting desert areas just below the first river. Other than that yeah. Try not to go too much north. I am also worried since I built in the swamp and the thralls aren’t really working atm. Hopefully it scale accordingly because I am not in a clan also

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