Question to Dev's

flawless acherorian spear (50dmg %10 armor pen.) cost;
spear handle, 12 hardened steel bar, 6 alch. base
flawless serpent-man war spear (51dmg %9 armor pen.) cost;
spear handle, 12 iron bar, 5 alch. base, 6 reptile hide

so you say “nearly”… 12 iron bar = 12 hardened steel bar!!!, 1 alch. base = 6 reptile hide
for 1 alch. base you need to visit both volcano and mine near set city for easiest way but 6 reptile hide is just a 1 skinning knife hit with 1 crocodile.
anddd 12 h. steel bar is worth 24 STEEL bar plus 12 brimstone. correct me if im wrong.

so as a conclussion;
conan wiki says acheronian is 48dmg %10 armor pen. serpent is 51dmg %9,98 armor pen.
in game and wiki is not the same! and this is a careless mistake… no?ok
BUT if we think that you produce us a DLC rather than fixing wield/unwield jump or placing a jar at sloping roof… shall we take it normal?

2 weapons have both REACH, what is it used for?

Could you point to wiki pages that are wrong? The wiki is supposed to be up-to-date, but do note that not all outcomes are correct as they are datamined. you may try to help with correcting those entries, in which case I suggest joining the fan-made discord.

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