Question: Two Servers

Has anyone found a way to play on two different servers running different mods? For example, if I play on a PvP server with combat balance mods and play on PvE server with more immersive mods. Is there a way to do both servers (with their assigned mod setups) without having to rip out mod sets every time I switch from one server to another?

dont think you cna do that unless you have 2 games.

the file modlist.txt holds the mods that will be loaded.

when I was playing on two different servers I just set up the mods for server A then renamed the *.txt file to
then did the same for server B.

Then if you want to play on server A open serverA_modlist.txt and choose “save as” then save it as modlist.txt
that way the text files don’t get changed, but the “modlist” does.

you just need to remember to change to whichever server you want to play on.

I know it’s not ideal but it beats loading mods the long way.