Question: What is meant with excessively spamming sandstone claiming land?

Hello community,
I am in a special situation and asking for your meaning.
I am living on my spot not too far from the black galleon now for more then a year on a PVE Server.

Some months ago I logged in and found, a neighbour had settled near my base. Ok. Then I reallized very fast that he had done what I call “aggresively building”. I could not expand any more In that direction. He had an area claimed I guess 10 x greater then mine (around 40x40 or more). No problem at first, but there are 2 passages near. One of them was secured with a door.
Honestly , I was a bit angry about. Could this guy not have respect and settle down a bit more far away from me ? And - on the other hand - why the heck secured pasages you need free to travel the map without going massive extra-miles.

I did something I regret later, as it was impulsive and not friendly. I tracked a boss crocodile to his base, were it killed some of his slaves. This was a bit exaggerated I realized and feared he would pay back in a similar manner. He did not. But closed all the doors. I understood this as “valid” revenge. But nevertheless, the passage now was also closed to a village nearby, were you could take slaves.

Ok, so we lived in “neighbourhood” for several weeks. I was really not happy with him. Always the blocked doors disturbed me and the lack of possbility to expand my base in that direction. Think you have a house and a neighbour blocks your ways to the street :slight_smile:

Finally the big day came. His base decayed and I could help with the “last mile”. At once I secured the area around my base , the way up and the way to the village. I think around 20 squares in the direction, so only a quarter of the space he had before. Conscious I let open all the pathways. Thanks to Crom! He was gone.

But I was wrong as I saw some hours later. Coming back to my base from the other side, I stumbled in a big wall! he had logged in an at once startetd to claim his territory as far as possible. No problem for me, but why again blocking the pathway ? I was so happy that I had secured the area before. I can take another way, that leads through a passage near the giant crocodile over the river up a hill where stone-noses live.

But what was that: A wall was there in that passage, so that I had to climb above. And that was not all. The passage along the river to the black galleon was also blocked with a wall. I fear he will also block the passage - the shortcut where the river makes a loop around the black galleon. This is part of his claimed territory. I knew that but intensiously did not claim that as I did not want to exaggerate my securing. It can easy happen that 2 enemy clans start to claim more land then needed. What I took I will use (temples and other big buildings) in the near future. I hate the situation!

I have no possibility to chat, we are on xbox and I do not use mic/headphone.

What do you mean ? I think it is too little to involve funcom in our little private war. The land I took is a bit more I need, but other buildings are much bigger… so I am unsure relating me.

What he does is blocking importan ways. I guess he was total angry yesterday, but it was not my fault his base decayed and I used at once my chance…

I hope you have a bit fun reading this, I take it with humour, it is only a game. But I am unsure if one of us or both are acting bannable here ?


be the right one , and do not spam the land , u can always build a staircase that even goes over the mountain in order to secure ur way… when the guy will intentionally block u u can send pics to fc to adress the situation.
and at the foundations u built (hope it is not just land claims - cause if they r u r the wrong one here) , u can place some signs that say u r sorry for being a d…k and pulling the boss to his base and that ur willing to compensate his losses (as any one that takes up his responsibility would do) … communication can be done with various ways , not just mic and headphones…

(this is my personall opinion, and what i would do if i was at ur situation)

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Thank you,

but I have no idea how to communicate different on xbox.

he intentionally blocks the ways not only for me.

what he did before was using the whole big area with only one house. I can not think it is wrong, to secure the direct area around your building with some foundations. There are many bases much more bigger than mine.

For the attack he revenged already by blocking my access for several weeks.

Sorry 10-15 square foundations around your buildings while not building walls so that players can easy pass does not look as offensive abusive spamming of foundations all over the map for me.

When I was looking today the guy refreshed his walls in my pathways. Must have been online all night until 6 in the morning. But did not build anything else near. This all happens because he is totally angry that his base decayed and I used some of the space, he had taken before by blocking the expansion of my base near a pathway. I did not block him, only expanded my territory a bit so that he can not make aggressive neighbourhood any longer. He should use the space he has instead of building big walls in the pathway.

Sorry my understanding of building rules on pve servers include mutual respect and not build as close as possible to another person. This seems as an obviously offense to me, the more as Conan Exiles offers gigantic room for everyone. Building as close as possible to someone else is nasty. And this is the first person in Conan Exiles I met that did this in that manner.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can always communicate with wooden signs. Twitter style, but better than nothing.

Thank you all. I found a way to talk to him. We came to a peacefully agreement . It shows you are right. whenever possible talk.
And btw, i found my new territory not too big, enough for a big animals stable, two horse stables, a small house, 2 shrines. only little space left now.
so, it cannot be really been talked about spamming wide areas with fundaments.
Most important, seems to be also a nice person, we only started unluckily.


Great news!!! I am glad for how this thing ended. And yeah always talk when possible… after all u both r there to spend some of ur free time enjoying!!! That is why it is called a game :). Gj m8

Kill him. Kill 'em all. and sacrifice 'em to the pits of Yog. Do not talk to enemies, everyone is your enemy, only Yog loves you, they are not friend, they are food. Kill him, Kill 'em all.

(and if they are stronger than you, well: run my friend, ruuuuun ^^)

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This works only in PVP :slight_smile:

Also, im trying to coin a phrase, so in the future, could you please refer to this process as “spamstone”? Thanks!

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