Question: What level do I need to be in Fury before I can join the pvp app and get pvp?

I’m hoping to install the pvp app for Fury.

But i’m level 5 in Fury. What level should I be before i try to join with the pvp app? Then I will know when i can install it.

I also have a character in Crom. I have to be level 80 in Crom before I pvp, right?

It’s recommended you have at least a level 80 character with pvp level 4. That way you can use all the pvp t1 gear and be on an even-ish playing field with everyone else. It’s also recommended to have some of the important AAs for your class

No, they have low level mini-game sign up’s. Don’t know how active it is. There’s also an arena in the Field of the Dead with a quest to go there after you’ve finished the Conach Village quests. And if you can get there, you can go into the Border Regions at any level.

No, they dont, its been completely dead for years

You can`t go into PvP arena before lvl 80

Level 80