Questions about 1st playthrough

I play solo and im lvl 42 but still havent figured out some things, hopefully someone can help, because i didnt found any onlineguide or forum thread that answers this questions.

  1. how does the dismantel workbench work? tried every weapon and armor i found but nothing worked.
  2. what to do with miner-thrals? i cant place them and i also cant put them at any workbench/station.
  3. Purge. Im lvl 42 and there wasnt any purge yet. Is this an endgame feature? when these purges start? (purge is activadet in the server/settings). i play with weight and item-stack mods…is that a problem for purge activation?
  4. is there a way to show crafting recipes in the crafting window? (except the basic recipes)

Thanks for help:slightly_smiling_face:

  1. Top part of the dismantle bench processes items (arrows and thrown ammo can’t be dismantled)
  2. Never seen a Miner thrall. Smelter thrall has a set of tongs…
  3. If you look at the bar at the bottom of your inventory screen, when it gets to the first vertical line, a purge will spawn.
  4. Not sure on this one. Selecting an item to craft (workbench or inventory) usually shows what is needed to craft the item.

1 dismantling bench will not work with dlc items.
2. No miner thralls are ingame so please check if thats a mod or if you are calling it the right name
3. Make sure purges are turned on with the server setting otherwise you will never get one. Yes even have to do this in singleplayer. Pressing ~ then the makemeadmin and you can modify the server settings as you go
4. Type the name in the search option will narrow down the items you see at a time

Thank you.

Thank you

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