Questions about Onslaught

  1. Any idea of release? It would be nice especially now to have something to look forward to.
  2. What, if any are the rewards? Title? Vanity? Gear? Leaderboard? A sassy cloak?
  3. Level range. What level is it? Does it scale?
  4. Character. Is it for existing toons? Is it a new slot? Do we need an open slot?

I was hoping for a new map or dungeon, but I don’t want to criticize before I play it. Glad to have something in way :grinning:

  1. maybe with the anniversary that is coming soon ?
  2. farm tokens, buy weapons and gems, loot some other gems to improve the weapons. plus some other goodies :wink:
  3. level 80
  4. for any level 80 char
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