Questions about server play with others?

I just picked up CE on XBOX about a week ago. Been looking for a new MMO where I could get in on the ground floor. I’ve just been playing solo for now, learning how to do/kill/craft/build things on one of islands in the Noobian River. I’m mostly learning the new controls since the patch, but in May I’m considering starting out on a server with others. I have some questions and was hoping some of you who have been around a while could answer:

What is the general objective when playing as part of a clan? Do you just work on a city, gang up on the NPCs, PvP? Is it different depending on each server? If so, how do you evaluate them to make a decision about which one to join?

How are the mechanics set up in multiplayer? Is it free for all? Are there settings where allied players are immune to your damage? I thought I read somewhere that it was free for all. If so, I’m wondering how admins maintain order.

What is the etiquette when requesting to join a server? Should you reach out first? Do people just join at random? Should I get on the “unofficial discord” that was announced?

What should someone still playing at my novice level expect when moving into multiplayer? I know combat just changed for everyone, but are different weapons more effective in PVP?

Anything else you’d like to add would be welcome. I’m finding info difficult to find with this game, but that’s part of getting in at the start, figuring it out together, I guess.


The objective changes from server to server, with official pvp servers having a level of danger from other players, up to and including bases being raided and destroyed while you are offline.
Pve is a bit safer in that other players can’t hurt you or your building, however you could still run into people walling off resources. And they will steal anything not locked up.
Being part of a clan depends on the clan, but it’s a good way to get some protection early, the only thing a big clan needs to be wary of is a bigger clan, or a single “no lifer” like me. :wink:

It’s free for all, and there is “friendly fire” so you can damage allies by accident.

Some servers require joining discord, some don’t some require you to reach out to the admin to get a password. Yes you should join the Unofficial discord, as this is a good place to find like minded players.

Expect to be raided, even in PVE and even though you don’t have much, people will still take your twigs and berries.
Yes some weapons are better than others, spears are the weapon of choice right now, it was hammers last summer.