Questions about the ruleset

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Do you know who to contact if I have questions about the ruleset? I have questions that I would like an answer, so as to avoid any misunderstandings.


Probably use the same method as reporting possible infractions, which is detailed in the same section as the rules that you have questions about :+1:

There are several persons here that read and know almost all the rules of the game. @Narelle is one of these persons that will guide you and almost all the asuras chosens. Ofcurce there are employees of the company, but it is better to start with the forum members first. Believe me, some persons are in this forum years now and they will guide you perfectly. All I can say to you is that the rules of the game are obvious. Still some times fair play demands sacrifice, so if you play officially you go with the obvious, if you play private, you make more strict rules to ensure that all the community of the server will stand a chance in a healthy competition. Never forget that it is only a game, it is very easy to make enemies, but it is very hard to respect you, so if you play fair every one will respect you(it takes time) , however if your goal is to have fun on other loss, feel free, whatever makes you happy after all it is only a game :wink:.

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