Questions before launch of console siptah

I’d love to know before scrambling tomorrow.

  1. Will there be pvp, pve and pve-c servers for siptah?

  2. What time will we be able to buy Siptah in the store.

  3. What time is regular patch launch time?


Regarding pvp and pve etc, it will logically be in siptah, about when it can be bought, I don’t know, about the time they usually release the patch, it seems to me that it is at noon.

How about the burning question :question: how much is it gonna cost and do they take food stamps :grin:

Conan Exiles patches usually drop around 10pm or 11pm AEST, so I’m expecting it’ll be no different this time. As for price, I’m guessing around 38.75 aud, based off the content and comparing it to the dlc’s Funcom’s already released as well as expansion pack prices from other publishers.

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