Questions regarding the current graphical issues with the PlayStation version

Since the latest patch, there has been a good number of people reporting some significant wonkiness in the graphical presentation of the PlayStation version of the game.

It seems to me, all one needs to do is launch the game on PlayStation and several of these things are immediately apparent.

What I am wondering is how much testing/QA was done on the PlayStation version in-house before pushing out the update.

Were these graphical issues noted by the in-house group?

If they were, was the decision made to push out the update regardless because these are not game-breaking issues?

What criteria are used to determine if an update is ready, or not, to go live?

I would very much prefer an official response to this, rather than other users sharing their perspective on these questions.


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That might help

After looking a bit more through ongoing discussions that are talking about the same thing, I think i got most of the answers that really matter here-

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A lot of people have experienced the graphical issues, as well as audio and a handful of other issues.

Though I can no way answer your question - all I can say is give it time.

Standing to the last patch (or full game release) the go live condition seems to be: if it compiles it’s ok :smiley:

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