Questions & Suggestion/Issues

These are not in any order and I would prefer performance improvements over anything. This game still needs a lot of optimizing. NPC’s/Thralls/Pets, etc.

  1. Rubber-banding. I still have this issue every time I log in and it’s so bad I can’t leave my house. However, I can move around freely by rolling which is both weird & oddly fun. I have to remove my bracelet to fix the rubber banding. Is anyone else having this issue or could this be my computer setup?

  2. Crafting-Resources. It seems to me that some items cost way more than they should and some too little. Would it be too difficult to tweak these so they are a little more realistic? Examples would be 5 iron bars for a mug but 20 for an iron pot that isn’t that big or some of the tools that just seem to all cost 20 iron bars.

  3. Healing/Eating. Granted, out of a lot of survival games this one doesn’t seem that bad but the system still seems needlessly frustrating to me overall. I would love to see some tweaks to this system so that it’s good for both PVP and PVE. I am eating steaks like sunflower seeds to heal. Bandages are not much better and cooking meals doesn’t seem to be worth the effort since they all go bad so quickly. Could we please get some better potions/food/bandaging items that can be used both in and/or out of combat. The passive regeneration is also really weak at 30 points into vitality. I like the survival aspect of it but it really just seems more annoying than challenging.

  4. Building. This is by far my favorite category of this game and it is over-all amazing but I still have issues with building pieces snapping incorrectly or not at all. I also have issues with environment growing through my buildings that I place. Would it be possible to have wall snap to each other in stead of the floor, or the ability to rotate/tilt them like other items in game so that I could have a wall connect straight over a triangle floor piece?

  5. Weather. I would just love to live in an area that’s not the desert or snow that doesn’t rain almost 24-7. The pacific north west areas of the map are my favorite visually but it rained it often rains on me for hours straight.

  6. Crafting-Armor/Weapons. Perhaps one of the things I wish we could have the most would be the ability to see what stat buff the armor has on it before crafting it. More so it would be awesome to be able select which stat buff we want on the items we craft. I think this would be very beneficial to both PVP and PVE servers to not know what stats people have on their armor/weapons just by looking at them. I also get tired of only being able to wear a handful of the armors because I want a certain stat for my play style. I also think this game could benefit from an armor modification for hot or cold weather. Or just make another slot for a coat or bear skin cape! I don’t know what the answer is but it would be really nice to have a little more control over some of the things that we are crafting.

  7. Purge. I LOVE the idea of the purge but it never seems to work for me. I will get one wave of enemies and then can’t build for 30 minutes because a group of hyenas is regrouping. I am sure this is a difficult thing to design but it’s so broken it almost feels like it should be removed entirely until it’s fixed.

  8. Fall damage physics. This issue makes no sense to me. Sometimes I fall what looks like a couple feet and get terribly injured. Other times I fall much further gliding at a weird angle or not at all and experience no damage.

  9. Chests. Can we please get the option to lock the chests even from other clan members? I would really like to be able to keep even some things legitimately safe! I will even craft a key for it or make a combo lock.

  10. I don’t care how but Arnold Schwarzenegger needs to be in this game somewhere.

Thank you for your time and I appreciate any comments, criticism, or knowledge into things that may already be in motion.


Mate, that’s possible the single most powerful perk, at least from a PvE perspective. It may not do enough to keep you healthy during combat (nor should it), but unless you’re fighting non-stop, it’ll almost guarantee that you start any engagement at 100% health, without having to worry about eating (except to stave off hunger) or using bandages between fights.

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I know it works I just think it would be more beneficial if you made it only work while not in combat and heal you for more per tick. Right now it just seems needlessly slow and it takes 30 points into vitality which seems like a lot of points for such a weak passive.

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Well opinions clearly differ but I can’t see how it’s ‘weak’ at all, and since the 20 pt Vitality perk is quite useful too (not to mention the Vitality stat itself!) I think it’s plenty strong. In fact to me the only problem is that it’s so strong as to be almost mandatory!

The square foundation will go on top of a ceiling. The wedge will not. This makes it hard to make sub-ground leval tunnels in large structures, with out creating dead spaces in the foundation of said structure. Also a better looking draw bridge and removing the top row of walls from the gate would be nice too.

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