Quests, Apperance, Trading, Events


  1. Let us change the appearance of our armor while wearing different armor.
    A) For example:
    wearing heavy armor but being able to change the appearance to another heavy armor
  2. Let us change our appearance for a price without having to recreate character
  3. More appearance cosmetics
    A) For example:
  • Hair styles // colors
  • Tattoos (Permanent)
  • Armor sets (even just to change appearance not stats)


  1. Some NPC’s that you can talk to could give you quests
    A) For example:
  • Gather a resource that drops in a dungeon // certain area
  • kill 20 of this animal // NPCS // other players
    To get rewards like gold!
  1. If not a lot of quests maybe daily quests

  2. A war story about one faction vs another faction (ex: darfari vs nordheimer)

  • This would only show for each player on a personal progression
  • There could be more of a story and quests to do for armor, or even just armor appearances


  1. There are some NPC’s that sell goods for coin now…
    but it would benefit if there was more to buy from them
    A) For example:
    merchants that sell:
  • specific resources
  • food
  • water skins
  • armor appearances
  • cheap weapons
  • weapon repair kits
  • sell more thralls, bench thralls, special fighters,
  • event appearances
  1. Player trading house not server locked!!
    A) Things players could trade For example:
    players can trade these or for these > resources // armor // thrall // weapons //
    -Anything you can pick up really or make.

Do something for holidays!

  1. these events could have special unlockables only available during that event, making the want to grind increase
    A) For example:
  • Require a quest completion to get a currency or just complete an objective (ex: kill 50 rock noses)
    To get the event reward
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