Queueing system + more oficial servers

FINALLY, after all this time we can try SIPTAH on consoles, or sort of it.
Since a lot of players are coming back to CONAN because of this new DLC, now we are facing a new enemy: Few Oficial Server & Always Full crowded.

And what could be worse than do not releasing new contents? It is releasing new contents we can’t use it. Maybe, the strategy is players spending money with this new DLC and hoping to use it in the future when everybody quits. I hope not. I hope FUNCOM learned from those past mistakes.

And I’d like to ask/suggest 2 things:

When trying to get access to a full crowded server.


Please, FUNCOM, I know you usually do not listen to our requests, but I’m asking this for the greater good. Please!!!

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They have been adding a few new servers to most of the regions. Me I am playing on a private server to learn the map before trying out official

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