Quick numbers fix

Alot of players have similar troubles:

After PvP died the only way we can access the Tier 1 equipment in a non PvP logical way is to:

  1. Farm Bori and getting attacked by Rank 6 DTs who takes them 1 minute to kill fresh 2 days lvl 80 Guards in Jugg spec so they can continue to gather Trophies but refuse to team up so they can get them faster, i could even teach him some secrets as of how to use his class (their choice ofc) but with no equal opposition they own the zone.
  2. Getting into minigames and get oneshotted hundreds of times and also be responsible for defeats.
  3. Getting full T4 Gear and entering like that only to have the rest of the vets getting angry. I am against PvE gear in PvP anyway.

To the point:
How difficult is it to just remove the rank 4 restriction? Since that’s the current situation it’s the only way. That ‘‘starter’’ gear with just a few AAs is more than enough if you know what you’re doing to get started and be usefull in Minigames. We can’t start with nothing cause we will be a liability to our group.

I just try to understand how difficult changing this ‘‘Number’’ is…

(One other thing. When i was attacked my character was somehow ported atop of an Oak type tree after getting hit. What exactly is that?)

Just to give you something to compare to. It was viewed as “very hard” by the game designer to update the stats on t3 pvp gear to match those of t4 raiding gear (took about 4 years for Funcom to make the change).

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You know, on the second Saga server they gave PvP T1 gear without PvP level requirements, so it’s already in the game.
But there’s one reason why they won’t put it on the PvP vendors: They want to sell the T2 PvP gear from the shop… :roll_eyes:

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Is it scarab knight being sleeper OP???

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Well maybe he could try and use it to hope for some random burst dmg. Would make much more sense then ‘‘Curse of Gwahlur’’ :stuck_out_tongue:
Never understood why people use that feat doesn’t even make a difference in lowbie PvE tanking scenarios.

Fun fact the T2 set in the itemshop says: It will make you immediately competitive. Which is misleading since some new player will buy it then join a minigame and get destroyed wondering what happened… Till he discovers the AA system.
But regardless i wouldn’t buy it because it doesn’t add anything at all compared to T1 and it’s overpriced.

With it’s cost someone can buy NIJ Level 3+ Ceramic Ballistic Plates to save himselves from real Mid/High Caliber Rifle rounds lol

Best approach would be to give every level 80 on fury full t1 when they hit level cap, just like on Saga.

AA’s are hugely problematic and the worst thing to happen to AoC from a PvP perspective.

Gwahlur is actually very strong in PvP. It essentially gives DT an extra green heal worth of self-healing for every 3 players on the enemy team. It also keeps people in combat, removing out of combat regen for large swaths of time.

There’s enough random junk damage and minor AOE on every class, that so long as DT is in the fight, it’s likely everyone has a couple stacks of gwahlur on them.


I must have never kept track of it because of constantly running healing pots neither did i gave much though as of how it prevents regeneration that way. Always seemed too minor but i guess in effective grouplay it can stack as another statistic contributing to a tactical advantage.

Honestly i never had any points for it left. Was using Ritualistic Bloodshed trying to keep Sadism stacks up unless i was getting hit at a fast rate where more carefull management is required (bad for Soul Barrier when running hybrid spec) i felt it’s a waste not starting a fight without 10 stacks did a great difference. Still more in favour of Guarded Frenzy specs and Talisman Mastery myself.

Maybe the one i mentioned could benefit from more offensive play (I had like 30% Magical Mitigation wearing blues) he didn’t seem to do much dmg and i wasn’t running any buffs/ abilities. Then i just tested Last Stand. Seemed very strong.

  • The best part of gwahlur is that, for every target afflicted, the DT gains HP every 3 seconds depending on how many stacks each afflicted target has. I don’t remember the exact number, but it probably comes out to around one green heal worth of healing for every 3 targets at max stack. That’s what I remember, anyway.

  • In group PvP, ritualistic bloodshed is useless because your group members will get hit and increment sadism. Usually this occurs very quickly.

  • Guarded frenzy isn’t super useful because DT as a class doesn’t really rely on switching stances, period. Most DT damage isn’t effected by defensive vs. frenzy stance. You can sit in defensive and do nearly identical damage to frenzy DT, which is why guarded frenzy is a bit of a waste. In order to put feats in general, you also need to give up either dooming presence or mind shatter, both of which are very strong feats.

I can’t remember the spec i was running since it’s been a while but i didn’t have much from Depravity. It was risky that’s true and relied on being a bomb that goes in and starts exploding.

Not the best tactic for Group PvP. I was more of a selfish guy and it only helped me kill Rogues/ Mages faster yet ‘‘Get melted’’ was also an issue most of the time if focused. Barb - Conq where the biggest threat for me and Assasins where very dangerous if i didn’t manage to dispatch them fast.
Though with the other spec i was doing better it was still more solo - focused. Bad habit i guess and obsession to get the X kill.

On my Dt, Barbarians are the class I fear most as well. There’s nothing scarier on a DT than an upheaval barbarian hitting me for 200 damage each swing. Before soul barrier, that is roughly 8% of my hp pool. After soul barrier, it is slightly more manageable, but not by much. I am trying to chase a ranger, and the barbarian will not leave me alone. He staggers me. He slows me. He is faster than me. After the 20th UPHEAVAL, my hp bar declines to 80%. This is not good. I quickly run out of combat and pop totem of origins to instantly warp away to Khemi, as I am a Stygian Dark Templar.

How is this balanced! I am a TANK, but a ROGUE can damage me.

Some ideas to fix this:

  • Give DT polearm range, so that I may out range the damage from the barbarian with tactical positioning
  1. Let sadistic soul buff suck out movement speed from other players and give it to the Templar. Give it a cool name, like garblnak
  • Remove jump combos and ban any players caught abusing this exploit, as it gives an unfair advantage to players that use it
  1. Make AA more significant, I’m tired of nooby pvp2 barbarians that are tankier than myself. Veterans should have an advantage.

  2. All combos on dt should be AOE. If I was carrying a sword and a shield, I would flail it around like a hurricane. That’s why a flail is called a “flail”. What is the DT pvp10 weapon? It is a flail. Funcom clearly intended for AOE damage from the dt with the inclusion of the new kuth weapons, why is the only AOE combo dooming presence?

  • consider making barbarians forced to use a bow between combos, so that they have to commit to using EITHER 2h or dual wield, not this weapon swap garbage that we currently see. They get the best of both worlds. Conq too. Imagine if I could switch weapons on DT and instantly summon a dread shadow in PvP? It’d be ridiculous
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LOL! You’re obviously not serious.

I would only agree about the jump combos. And that’s it.

Alright you got a smile out of me.