Quick Question About Testlive SP and Saves

Hello everyone, just been wondering for some time if it is possible to transfer saves over from the Testlive Client to the Conan Exiles client once a big testlive patch releases, or if it’s gonna cause any sort of conflict? I’d assume it’ll just be the same version/updated to the current version, but yeah, just would like to know if anyone can confirm/bust this?

Thank you very much

Should be okay, though it is testlive so I’ll put the obligated anything could happen warning.

All you need to do is transfer your save file, specifically your game.db

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Thank you for your reply! I’m actually curious about the “anything can happen” part cause technically, the saved file should update to the latest version, so it should be the same as continuing a save file after the big patch hits I believe. I’m just wondering if there is any reason at all why that shouldn’t be the case :slight_smile:

Nothing that I can really think of. I just always caution testlive stuff because it’s intended purpose of being a testing platform.

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Well, that much is true. Thank you again for your time

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