Quick thoughts and a small work around

First off I have to say that I am loving the new update. Haven’t run into anything I don’t like so far. I am playing solo on the hardest setting and I have to say that the “raging” mobs I encounter have kicked my ■■■ more then a few times before I realized what was going on. Totally changing my game play style and happy to have to think a bit more before charging into a mob.
I have a quick work around that is working for me when it comes to the crafting stations and other placeables disappearing on log out. I run far from my base and log out there. It seems to work the few times I have tried.
Great job on the improvements and looking forward to seeing what the new year brings, keep up the fine work Funcom… that is all for now as I must go kill this raging croc who is trying to move into my house

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Worked for me!

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