Quick Use Hotkeys

Most of the equipment you can use this game works the same way. You put it in the action bar, you equip it into your hand by pressing the hotkeys and then you use.

What I want to suggest is a method to cut the middle process and be more reactive, we can analyze orbs with that perspective, instead of equipping them, we could just press a hotkey and see the character just doing the throwing animation, and then re-equipping whatever you were holding before.

You may ask, what’s the relevance of that? Most importantly, you are giving a helping hand to the eventual magic mods that will surely be very popular in this game, secondly, it can make orbs more usable in combat, instead of only at raiding, working just like how grenade works in some fps ( I know that in some fps you still have to equip them ).

Right now, the closer things we have to that are the food and healing items. The difference is that they don’t trigger an animation, don’t have an re-equip feature, and don’t consume the item only after it has been actually used after some animation delay. In other words, the difference is it all.