Quicker than he looks!

Dear developers, I have a problem with achievement "Quicker than he looks! ". It just doesn’t count. On my copy of the game in the PS store I have long received this achievement. In steam, this achievement does not count. Forum steam is full of people with the same problem.

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Yes same problem here. In steam version this achievment is bugged. At his moment (12.08.2019) more people had achievment for meeting Khan. Quicker than he looks! is one of the rarest achievements for this game (and should be first gained in this expansion).

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I am also in this fix. I did not get the achievement, playing from my completed Road to Eden save, not even after I took out the evil tree. I even tried playing Seed of Evil with pre-generated characters, but even then I failed to unlock the achievement.
As this achievement is story based, and a player either gets through to that point, or does not, how about adding in a simple check - if a player has unlocked Khan, or has the achievement for killing Goran, then the player also should have the “Quicker than He Looks” achievement, as there’s no way to get either without having first finished the Mausoleum of Suburbia map. That may be a simpler fix than trying to find the conflict.

It would appear that the most recent patch didn’t fix this either. Nothing was mentioned in the patch notes, but decided to test it again regardless. Unfortunate really, considering that the first achievement one would be able to get, is among the rarest.

Hello @GorbyIRK, welcome to the forums and thank you for reaching out!

We’ll poke the developers in regards to this issue.

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