Races should provide Unique perks

I think Races sould provide some unique perks.

example perks:
slightly increased weather resistance, heat or cold
Breaking thralls faster than other races
Faster crafting rate
Faster harvesting
Higher or longer jumps
Longer breath timer on dive
faster swim

+2 bonus to one attribute score at start
+1 bonus to two attributes
Faster climb
Faster Sprint
Unique martial profiency with certain weapons such as faster swings or increased damage +5%
Increased armor profiency with either light, medium or heavy armors, such as bonus damage reduction or faster movement in armor

unique RAGE abilities that can be activated and lasts for 1minute/ 5levels or 10levels
such rage abilites could include reduced stamina cost on attacks, sprints, jumps etc.
stronger attacks, damage reduction
temporal HP boost
temporal immunity to stagger, to better trade blows
Increased health regeneration
increased stamina regeneration

after using the RAGE ability, character would be “exhausted” for a time being, with reduced stamina regeneration and health regeneration.


The devs said that races were going to be strictly aesthetic choices only. No perks or unique bonuses for playing any one type, since they are all human.


well, thats boring

Depends from perks. Giving us something faster or raising an attribute are not immersive enough to me coz admin panel; me tweaking numbers, worst case is where these perks have no impact - trivial affection.

I’d go for a challenge instead. Like if I picked a Cimmerian origin, I would have to skip religion coz I’d be stuck with Crom for good. He would then come with an insult that I could use to make my challenge even harder. This was being discussed in two Crom related threads, but serves as an example how to make an imaginative difference to variety. Of course races need more dedicated unique characteristics to choose from as well, if we are going with challenges. The current faces and facial hair are rather dull.


My point is that mere speed buffs in this type of a game tend to serve none in essence, especially in private servers. Challenge elements are hardly ever explored in the respective stage we discuss about, but it would be a tremendous asset to roleplay as well.

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Perks aren’t likely, but going on the line of challenge, why not a racial challenge?

Something uniquely available based on your race. Maybe even a mini-quest chain of around 3-5 quests. All focused on something related to your race to better make them unique.

And the end result could be a recipe unobtainable any other way, with a racial weapon to craft.

Something named, with history behind it. Most suited for that race.



And it could help deliver more lore about your chosen race in the process. So it becomes more worthwhile.

Edit: Come to think of it, there should be a quest chain on the Religious Altars. At least for the final version. Make you EARN your place with the god, not just from random killing but something meaningful. So you don’t get the altar without the quest chain.



Nothing bloated though. I’m done with the “collect 10 wolf fangs and bring them to a priest whose lazy enough to not bother do their own job”. What’s worse is that usually the wolves fought back with their claws and fangs, but when defeated they suddenly miss all the claws and fangs… It’s not like the character is so dum that they obliterate the objects they are meant to get safely and intact to the lazy person. :expressionless:

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This thread is a perfect example of just how indoctrinated to RPG mores we have become.

Always interesting how it’s (usually) ok to differentiate by race, whereas doing so by gender is minefield country. Personally I’m fine with there being no bonuses for either in most games - or my personal favorite, that the bonuses/penalties are social in nature rather than a matter of stats.

I love your first idea with the quest-line related to a given race. I’m still seeking more lore and storylines anyway, and think it could add more immersion and depht in the game world.

The shrines are more complicated, i think.
First, like Conan itself is saying when we met him again, the gods in the exiled lands are not real gods, but what men want them to be, weapons. So an earned last shrine, all depends how, and what you would need to do. :wink:

But definitevely there ideas to digg here, and i would love see some in game.

Well, the gods are real gods. Or else you wouldn’t be able to pull up Avatars and such from them. He’s referring to them as weapons because, in this context, that is what they are largely used as.

Not so much what you’d typically expect from gods. Large temples and masses of followers. But instead someone to worship, in order to use their power for your own benefit.

Heh, well that’s an interesting question isn’t it. What makes a god a god, as opposed to, say, a demon - or an astral being living outside time and space as humans understand it, or immensely powerful sorcerers who have transcended mortal constraints?

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I agree @Mikey, they summoned trough our built shirnes, and what do we use for them, to build them and make them still more powerful ? Blood, bones, and more mostly.
Don’t say Mitra doesn’t, again here to, more a change of forme than what is behind…

No, i think they’re simply weapons, made by humans with all theyr wishes of power and domination.

I like Raymond Feist’s explanation of Gods, in his Krondor novels, specifically Rage of a Demon King.

Ancient humans, huddled in a cave and contemplating the wonder of fire. It’s a friend and source of life in the cold. The fire takes on a personality, after a time they begin to worship it. This evolves into the worship of the spirit of fire, which in turn becomes the god of fire. When enough people worship, the energy of the god of fire begins to manifest aspects, which are attributes that match the expectations of the worshipers.

So in essence, the Gods are created by man. Their power is sourced by those who worship them.

Converting this to Conan. Yog is an easy example.

The worshipers of Yog are primarily cannibals. So instead of fire in the example above, human meat becomes the focus of the religion. It sustains and provides life to them.

Over time, it evolves into a religion, and Yog is born. Ritual cannibalism becomes the form of worship, though they still eat human meat at other times.

The belief in many primitive cultures is that eating of the animal you hunt, imbues you with it’s qualities. This is seen in Yog worship by gaining the strength and vitality, essentially eating the life of another and taking it into yourself.

So it’s essentially the same sort of thing. The Darfari started as cannibals, or grew into it during lean hunting times and acquired a taste for it, so to speak.

Which ultimately led to Yog’s birth and rise to prominence.


Yes, I also like that ‘kind of’ god, as it were. Of course by that logic, anything that anyone worships becomes a god - not that that’s necessarily a bad thing at all. But it also doesn’t make Conan wrong if he remarks that the gods found in the Exiled Lands are little like their counterparts elsewhere: the desperation and sheer barbarism of the Exiled Lands - above average even for savage Hyboria - has turned even Mitra into a bona fide war god.

While i like your quote and agree with the idea in itself, i want add a thing that seem important to me.

Sure, it’s perceived as good, warm, protecting, but i think they also learned quickly that fire may burn, hurt. Gods are both, good and bad, and may result in a feeling “it’s a friend” or “hey, it’s hurting me”.

Then the big difference i see, the so called gods in the exiled lands can be summoned by theyr priests (or or course players). Could real gods be summoned on wish and demand ?

Yes, fire can hurt. That enhanced it’s god reputation, because it was something to love and fear at the same time.

In response to you, Mikey, not everything could become a god. It has to have enough worshipers to make it so. So one person isn’t going to cut it.

In our modern society, it would be easy to believe a god could rise from the internet or electronics.

Back to Vattende, you have to keep in mind, look at the immense sacrifice required by the gods in the Exiled Lands. You end up slaughtering hundreds in their name. To get that avatar, you have to sacrifice still more. It’s not as simple as snapping your fingers and they appear.

So in the end, while the god does your bidding, you are also doing theirs. Because you are spreading their name and doing things in their name. Just as any priest or priestess in D&D would do for their faith. And how religions in our own real world do. Albeit in a sufficiently lower amount of carnage.

Summoned where?

What are you asking? She is talking about “real gods”, hence the italics. It isn’t relevant where they would be summoned.

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It is relevant. If it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have asked. However, I don’t remember the necessity of why I asked. I need to find the reason again so that I know what to ask after that.


Now I remember. Carry on.


So if fake gods can be summoned by their vocals, could real gods be summoned the same way? In any way possible, where would any of them be summoned? (A simple exercise of logical thinking.)

  • what, when, where, who, how, why