Racism and Griefers on 3071 official

Dear Community,
Im playing on the Official Server 3071 (PS4).
There is a new Clan on the Server (Their name ist “Jhebbal’s Sack”).
Me and my friends are playing on the mentioned server for over a year.
Since the Clan that I meantioned joined the server, they take the joy of many players.
Many players from the server already left.

They are Griefers…
They trapped many obilisks what makes using any teleporters useles.
Also if u spawn at the trapped Obilisks they instantly kill you.
They also blocked the whole frost bridge with structures, so its impossible to cross the bridge.
They are very toxic and insult us via PSN Messenges.

They also build Swastika Symbols around our bases, because our clan has a few German members. (I cannot write the actual thing that starts with Naz… because it gets censored here)
This ist very discriminating.
My childreen do play the game aswell on the same server.
They get messeges like “Heil Hitler”
We have blocked them, so they decide to build swastika symbols (Naz…) in front of our bases.

I have a few evidences for their actions.
Since I am a new User, I cannot upload any pictures or post any links or even contact the mentionedd (at)community that makes no sence to me …

This is a very sirous case and such a behaviour should not be allowed on any server…

Thank you.

I cannot include any pictures and links what makes this whole reporting system kind of useles …

If you have Problems with Griefing and Herrasment here you found the latest Information from Funcom.

If you need more assistance please
DM one of the Community Team