Racist Clans Harassing Us, Tried Reaching Out to Funcom Twice With No Response Yet

Hi there! I’m new to this forum and I’m not sure if this is the right place to post this. I’m very sorry if it isn’t. I’m looking for suggestions or advice. We’ve been having trouble with a small group of racist clans harassing us. I’ve tried reaching out to Funcom already with no response, and just tried again to get through or receive any sort of acknowledgment at all.

I’m on console/PS5, on Official Server #3520 PVE, American region. We recently came across an outpost of Clan S1L3NT, and many of their animals had racist and/or violent names. Examples include: “Wh^te Power,” “Small Jew P^cker,” “Hunting Children For Sport,” “Big White D^ck,” and “N^g Nag” - minus the arrow symbol of course. (I’m not sure what’s allowed to be posted here as far as adult language.) This was discouraging enough on its own, but then two of their clan members (Shoot-em_Up-420- and ZOMBIE-Rooks) began following my friend and I, where they proceeded to harass and grief us for several hours, at different occurrences throughout the day. Shooting us with smoke arrows, stealing our loot, blocking us inside of buildings with their horses, etc. Somehow they continued to find us, which I find rather suspicious on its own. They claimed we stole THEIR loot, from the Red Mother in the Unnamed City. My friend and I were there doing a run when their clan rode over us on their horses to claim everything before us. (This has happened to us before, and we suspect it was the same people, but no proof other than these most recent incidents.) One of them was circling the Red Mother on his horse while my Thrall and I actually did the work killing it. The best loot of that particular drop was a legendary armor replacement kit, so really they’re butthurt over a drop they could easily get from one of the Heroes.

This harassment has continued over the past several days. (4 now, to be exact, as I just hopped on to grab more screenshots and found one spam-building more junk at our borders.) Squishy23420 and EAGLE-FLY_91 have started in on it too, of the same clan. Smoke arrows, loot stealing, boxing us in, trying to kill us with spikes, and now today they found our base and built burning/torch-lit crosses at the edge of our land claim. Rows of spikes near our tames, leading aggressive animals towards our base, as well as placing signs, the works. They’ve issued threats as well about in-game-griefing us more, which on a PVE server I suppose is laughable, but we can’t go anywhere or complete anything without these people finding us and abusing the system against us. It was funny at first, because they weren’t really bothering us and we found it more paltry and pathetic than anything. To spend hours and hours and your own resources trying to grief with no result. One actually put an explosive jar in front of me and set it off - with no satisfaction of me going boom, obviously.

MikeyMakeout666, of clan “Thewetfartparty” has also been accompanying them, spamming me with friend invites, following my account, and whining over in-game mic to pay attention to them. Same threats issued verbally by this person, as well as cursing, making demands, being generally obnoxious, and telling me I should get freaky with them (after stripping their characters naked and crowding around me so I can’t move). Telling me to be a big girl and give them what they want, blah blah. I took many screenshots as well as videos, though they haven’t allowed their voices to be shared via recording so you can’t hear them in the clips. You can just see the mic active. Clan “Rabid Hobos” appears to have joined in with them as well, given that they’ve been building near us in the same way, but with them I can’t be certain and don’t want to cast blame if they’re just minding their business and built a little too close without ill intent.

We, for the most part, have done our best to ignore them. I mean, on PVE, it’s pretty easy to ignore them and get a good chuckle in the process. Their behavior is pitiable and outrageous, given how many hours of their own time and resources they spend trying to get a rise out of us, but we want to be left alone and experience the game in peace. Additionally, their blatant racism MUST not be allowed to continue. We’ve retaliated very little, building a row of taxidermied shoebills near their base in hopes to coax them out of some kind of ridiculous grief war (LOOK AT ALL THOSE CHICKENS!), but we’re not interested in wasting our own resources or time fighting back. Mostly we’ve just defended our area from them as much as we can. It’s honestly wild how determined they are, and a little disturbing. (I’ve blocked them on PSN of course, so they can’t spam me with requests anymore, as my settings also don’t let anyone message me who isn’t a friend. Ol Mikey did however start following my psn profile lol.) Their dedication to harassing strangers online is certainly impressive, as I left at one point to make dinner, let my dog out, go to the bathroom, etc, and came back to them still spamming emotes in my face. I am not joking and it is not hyperbole when I tell you these people have spent hours upon hours trying to live in our ■■■■■ rent-free. The desperation is unnervingly fascinating.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. Just wondering if anything can be done, because their intention seems to build a whole wall around our rather substantial area. Good for them I guess, we’ll keep ignoring all that we’re able, but more than anything they should face consequences for their bigotry.

Please, if anyone has any suggestions or advice, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks again. Peace. :slight_smile:

(I’d provide the screenshots, but new users aren’t allowed. Rip.)

If you believe that they are doing something against the rules, submit a ticket with all the information you have:



Report them to Sony. I’ve heard that Sony is far less tolerant of this kind of behavior.


Could you be any more trivial?

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You’re going from post to post rambling about things you don’t understand. Go read the game rules for once. before making another appearance in someone else’s post preaching about how nothing is a violation and that you’re offended by vegetable names.


If you believe that they are doing something against the rules, submit a ticket with all the information you have:

I’ve done this, waiting on a response now. Thanks so much! :slight_smile:

PotatoNomad welcome to rated M games. I don’t think anything will happen because there is no real violation. BTW as someone who is part Irish I find your name kinda racist. Pot meet Kettle.

I mean this absolutely sincerely, but what are you talking about? How is my name racist towards Irish? My nickname IRL is Potato/Spud, and the Nomad is because I used to travel a lot and was rarely home. Also I’m part Irish?? Also rated M means there’s going to be nudity and blood and violence. Not un-contested racism and griefing on a PVE server.

Report them to Sony. I’ve heard that Sony is far less tolerant of this kind of behavior.

I tried, but there doesn’t seem to be a place for me to report them other than if they sent me a message or their profile name.


UPDATE: They’ve now completely enclosed our base in a wall of spike foundations. Cool cool.

Funcom gets a lot of tickets (unfortunately what you describe is common) and it will take them awhile to get to it. For the time being patience is all you have. Its too bad that online games attract the type you describe as it makes official servers for all games a chore. Hosting your own server if you have the means is the best way to avoid it but I realize thats not for everyone either.

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Thanks so much. I agree. We’ve been discussing a private server and purchase options (we don’t want just one person to host a co-op so everyone can get on whenever of course). We enjoyed seeing other players though and meeting new people, dropping good loot for newbies at spawn if we ran into them, etc.

Additionally, we’re super confused on how they built this wall in the first place, because we’ve placed tons of foundations around our base to ensure something like this wouldn’t happen, and yet they’ve built over it and beside it. Very confusing and definitely suspicious at the very least.

You can get a refurb micro pc for not too much money to host on, or you could rent one. Kinda depends on how long you think you’ll need it vs the deal you find on a server pc. Anyway, best of luck.

Thanks! :grin: Yeah, we’ve been looking at options now to see if we want to have patience or just get our own. Easiest approach would be just spawning/building everything we already earned naturally and hit the ground running from there.

Official servers are very difficult to administer because they don’t have mods to make tracking and dealing with users and abusers easily. I moved to private servers way, way back and not looked back.

Depending on where you are based, going the monthly server rental is generally really fast, secure and efficient. GTX Gaming does a £12 per month Conan Exiles sub and Gportal is another. I have been using the former for years and without issue, but haven’t used the latter. I don’t remember if GTX are fully global.

Otherwise logging a ticket via the link @Narelle listed above will add it to a long list that changes daily, but does get attention.

You could always scout about the Discord channels and check out existing private servers (or reviews of official) and move (which sucks). Good luck!

Thanks so much! I really appreciate the suggestions and tips. Much appreciated! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

take screenshots that will proff what u say , and send it along with a report to fc as suggested (i have done it quite a few times in the server i play on) . the punishment for such behaviours is not immediate but will come if u give FC some time…

Meanwhile just log in to refresh ur base untill the clan gets banned , and get to play in another server with ur clanmates! who knows maybe there will be better or just a good breakthrough for ur playtime…


Hello @PotatoNomad, welcome to the forums.

We’ve had to unlist and lock this topic as we do not allow public posts accusing or reporting other players.

To report other forum users you should reach out to us privately by sending a DM @Community, and to report players that are breaching the terms of conduct in Official servers, you should use Zendesk instead, as detailed below:

As you’ve already reached out to us via Zendesk yesterday, please allow a couple of days for our team to review your ticket and get back to you, as our offices are closed during the weekend.

Depending on the number of reports currently in the queue, it may also take a few days for us to be able to look into the infraction and take action.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please don’t hesitate to reach out privately through DM and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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