Raging to say the least

Sorry for this being my first post, but to say I’m raging is an understatement.
Farmed round conan city for ironstone with my eina the light (that i somehow aquired from conan city, I teleported to the sinkhole with a full bearer, only.to get that and find out she died along the way.
She didnt get killed by the skeleton npcs, and her inventory didn’t decay either . (Full of ironstone less a slotnforna weapon and a slotbfor hardened leather.
I’ve actuallt had it with these unusual glitches.

She just “died”

Hah what a joke

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Fall damage out of anything. =(

They do not teleport well… I would say, 1 outta 3 or 4 teleports kill what ever pet I have. LOL

I’ve teleported with her plenty times, and other thralls bit this has never happened before.
I just wished it was a stupid relic hunter instead of my eina…

Another thing, would be (itlest on ps4) your loaded in, long before load screen goes way. Maybe those undead hyena ate her before you got full control?

For me… its them walking off ledge instead of going down path, or walking of cliff trying get to me…
I kinda gave up teleporting, inless it was a pet. (something i have several of, like wolfs) and most of time, they die on teleportin. I turn around and there laying there dead. XD

Sink Hole spawn you abit away… I wanna assume she teleporting in odd way. =/

I lost Fairin of the wild coast, in a similar way, after farming stone for a blockade. I teleported back (coincedently also to the sinkhole).

I realised he was no longer following, but did not receive the usual thrall died message.

I found his dismembered body near a pack of wolves. It turned out on our previous run I had not returned his sword after hastily selecting take all.


I have noticed on PvP, all my followers tend to attempt suicide whenever given the chance. Doesn’t seem to happen on my PvE-c server…

Ah yes, back then when bearers where better fighters than fighters i had Amzadi the Wanderer, she was my favorite, she would be my sidekick for every mission and every situation. But then i decided to build a drawbridge…

It wasn’t even that deep, i was walking through it, and all of the sudden, amzadi the wanderer died while following me. it was the saddest moment in my life on that server.

RIP Amzadi the wanderer, never found her again

PD: if you actually want iron or steel, you would do bettter going to kill nordheimers, cimmerians and dogs of the desert.


I lost a thrall 3 days ago after using a lift. I don’t know why thralls are subject to thrall damage at all, given the problems with teleporting and lift usage.

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Is that specific to ps4/console? I remember losing pets to fall damage but the last one was probably a year ago or so (I play PC). I do use sinkhole obelisk almost daily with a thrall too, and while I’m always careful not to try to move while the game “tries” to load there, I never thought my thrall would have a chance to jump down!

I lost Eina the other day porting from the volcano to the black keep. I assumed it was lava as I’ve lost a few that way in the past. But for lava to take 9900 hp so quick made me think something else went on. There was no corpse either.

Also my main base is at stinkhole and I’ve never lost a thrall to it. Makes me think there is something else going wrong.

Yeah it justvstates in the logs she was killed, it doesn’t say what by (ie an npc or whatever)

Its actually rhe 3rd strange death I’ve had, (other 2 not from teleporting) last week a yeti wouldn’t climb stairs and I noticed he wasn’t behind me while I ran around my base trying to place him, then all of a sudden got the “not following you and died” notification.
The first one was another bearer that just disappeared…

This is ps4.

I’ve teleported to the Sinkhole springboard many, many times, and not once, ever, has my follower plummeted to their deaths.

I’m a Solo player, so I’m dragging one thrall or another with me everywhere, and I’ve never lost one to an inexplicable glitch, bug or random event.

Also, named Bearer thralls have 9900 hitpoints. Even naked, I don’t believe a pack of undead hyenas would be able to eat one of those during a loading screen.

I have a dancer 1 stationed either side of the obi with only 900 hp, about 20 armor and hardened steel daggers.
I’ve seen them fight off many demon dogs and rocknose but the only death there was from a giant croc boss someone dragged there.

I’ve lost a few thralls porting out of the volcano and the log always says they were killed by lava. Except Eina the other night.

In fact I had Luba the Luscious (7700hp) tumble from a tower built on a hill in the mounds, gotta be at least twice the distance to the floor of the arena, and she still had 1000 hp when I found her.

I think something else took Eina.
Maybe from the outer dark.

Who knows what lures in the shadow of the arena…
Oh well, I think we all do :scream:

Now that I think about it, I haven’t seen a pet do this on my PC servers for a while. The last time I remember, I lost a (panther?) on a green wall scouting expedition. Probably around a year ago actually…

On my PS4, it seems to happen regularly. I always played PvP, but a while ago I got the urge to hoard so I started on PvE-C. I haven’t lost a single pet, or thrall, to fall damage on that server.

My point exactly. I remember how tedious it was to find paths that don’t involve climbing up and down cliffs, but i don’t really pay attention to that anymore.

Ya I stop playing because of this very reason until the patch hits since my 2 TS are frozen in place I have lost 3 named thralls to this as well they died but still dont know how some say they fell since my base is on a aquaduct but has never happened before others say from jumping from cliffs I jump from every cliff there is in the game I HAVE NEVER lost a thrall to this and I jump from my base 20 plus times a day

Yes, it always happened when I’d reach the edge of a cliff a little too quickly. Pretty annoying.