Raid damage and 32 bits integer


Yesterday I put together a raid team of almost 30 ppl (5 teams) for the Reaper, all 220s (-1 lvl 200…). Next to us was a regular team of 6 (possibly 5) people. They ended up getting the lootrights. Some ppl say “maybe it’s T1/KT that counts only” but even then our T1/KT was better: 3 or 4 NTs etc… and I don’t believe KT/T1 is even a thing.

So here is my theory that needs confirmation, let’s assume that it’s true.

Raid/team/individual damage is stored in a 32 bits integer and the Reaper has more than 4.2b hp (4 294 967 296 exactly). Let’s say he has 5b hp.

What ended up happening is our raid team did more than 4.2b hp and the 32 integer counter cycled over from 0. Let’s say the other team did 0.5b damage and we did 4.5b. Our counter ends up at 0.3b damage and the other team at 0.5b and they end up getting the lootrights.

Is that correct? I’d like confirmation from a AO dev, if that’s possible.

Possible fix if my theory is correct:

  • Store damage in a 64 bits integer (possibly tedious).
  • Bring Reaper’s hp down to 4.2b hp (ez).

Thank you.

EDIT: 4b hp seems way too much, so what happened?

Iirc a 32-bits int is maxed around 2,1B … but even then, i doubt that the mob may have that many HP, for 2 reasons :
1- TECHNICAL : if we assume the game has such 32-bits limits … then how could any dev set the mob HP to higher value than the limit itself ? Same way, as mob HP is nearly the addition of all present individuals/teams/RIs damages during kill (plus some neglectable healdelta along a rather short fight), how could any present team/RI exceed any limit that the HP cannot reach itself ?
2- DURATION : average 220 should be landing approx 1M damage every 3 minutes or so (some may do a bit more but many clearly under that, so let’s take it as scale estimator) ; let’s imagine we have 100 raiders present (which is prolly a bit exagerated but let’s take it), it would require about 1 full hour to reach 32-bits limit (so 30 minutes for 200 raiders, etc) ; doesn’t this seem way too big ?

Conclusion : might be the other team was using some damage odds to beat you at kill, possibly need some GM investigation to figure it out …

PS : i could be wrong but, from what i heard, each raider can only manage to reach like 300K damages during approximately such few minute fight ; considering a bare 100 raiders presents that seems quite reasonnable, and we get a theorical total of HP (healdelta ignored) of maximum 3M (so way-way-way of any hardcode limit i guess even within a 36 full RI).

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Yes my theory wasn’t very consistant hehe… :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I swapped a member in the RI during the fight… not sure but I heard it reset the RI damage or something.

Aye you prolly shouldn’t invite nor move anyone into RI as soon fight has begun …

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