Raid finder has destroyed this game

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In my opinion, RF outside of Mondays (when the veterans do it) involves more “suffering” than T6 and T5 even if these are full of wipes. Why? Because, for one, the latter are way harder, more challenging, fun, and because I know the people I’m raiding with and I’m alright with mistakes, but, when we succeed, it’s a much greater joy than killing one boss in RF, where I’m just quickly opening my inventory to open the loot, not thinking about the fight at all, since it was an autopilot process.

I understand this mentality of some new players who are not interested in the rest of the game, outside of RF, and it’s obvious, since RF enables it. Ever since RF was added, pugs were slowly killed, completely in just a matter of months, because why do harder content for less reward? That’s the problem with RF: no challenge, huge rewards, and farmable. Naturally, it can turn potential good players into zombies.


when you wipe in a real raid, you do not gain any power up bonus, the strength of the people is the same, so when the boss goes down you know that it went down because you did better, those who stood by your side did better, the leader has done better, the wipe and the success are both the responsibility of the players.
In RF each wipe gives you a noob bonus and after 3 or 4 or 5 attempts the boss goes down just because crushed by the crushing burst of the players and not because they have improved or have learned


Belive it or not, but T2 raids were going every week untill rf showed up. People even did T1. But not anymore.

You seem very egocentric of you say its okei that rf ruin pve just because you like pvp.

Wouldnt it be nice if you could have the same type of rings and shards, but pvp related instead?


Oh jeez, if only there was a PvP minigame tournament rewarding all participants with atlantean shards.

The PvP stat decrease on all of the rings is not significant enough to deter players using them in PvP: in fact, they’re still better than PvPt3 with the - pvp stats on them. And especially the fortifying and ardent atlantean relics are absurdly strong in PvP.


And i was told those rings were sh*t in pvp due to pvp penalfy, so what is it lol…its getting confusing.


prot/armor have no penality and is amazing, best pvp ring


Ardent is still listed. Doesnt it have pvp penalty?


Ardent is left armor/prot ring, it dont have any pvp penality like its right counterpart the Fervant.
Every other ring have PvP penality.
To that you have add eventualy PvP penaly from Chaos gems that depend on the chosen gems!


Ah wait, i somehow mixed the rings…thought i bought ardent…i gotta reevaluate what items i need to buy lol


While it is true the damage rings have a slight PvP penalty to damage, they still (when fully gemmed) have more damage and crit than than the PvP t3 rings. I think a great configuration is one of the protection rings + one of the damage rings.

Or you can just run two of the protection rings and become unkillable while soaking in that sweet 10% crit rating.


In PvP you often won’t have any of the PvP penalty because there are chaos gems that don’t have the -PvP stats. And in your PvP gear, you won’t have any of the “set” bonuses, which also means no pvp debuffs.

Long story short, the -PvP damage rating on any of the rings is not significant enough to warrant not using them. The damage rings are still significantly better than pvpt3


I know this for this i wrote “eventualy” PvP penaly from Chaos gems.
For example in my asset i have Prot/Armor legen + fiercy gem -hate+hate for gain combat rating without penality.
And I believe you if you say to me that the pvp stat are light, you are much more pvp than me, I am an amateur and since I am also a prudent one I have preferred an asset full armor/prot.
The right one, with 75 strenght + 255 combat rating + armor/prot i think is really one terribly OP ring


I bought the dps ring first, 300 or so till second ring. I presume tanky ring should be next? And i didnt screw myself over with a dps ring did i?

Qlso, any good ring gmes recommended? Should my gems have crit or combat rating for stats etc? Also, for dps gems, any recommendations?


I wonder if we can get the increase of tier 4 relics in the raid finder, it’s very difficult to get these relics. I do not say just for myself, but many players are complaining that they only have bag of coin and relic tier 3

as we all know the game yes it is 10 years old and this is going for one more and no one has more intention to join in a game without contingent and so mixed between pve and pvp.

in my opinion and a few other players, I would like to ask that the percentages of relics t4 and t3 be increased, the game has nothing new to discover. and with the great problem of contingency we are all suffering to make a dungeon so it may be said.

Think fondly of my proposal, we do not have 10 more years to get armor, the time is now short and has player that never finished their armors set because we have little time in game.


Just go on T3.5 and T4 raids and you don’t have the problem. You get lots and lots of T4 relics.

But wait… YOU DECIDED NOT TO DO ANY GROUPCONTENT except for RF. I know a lot of people who think T4 should be removed from RF, so maybe we can lower the Tear and T4 Relic income, so the little content we have, can be used longer!


You have a guild, and you have fun in your guild. now there are many who do not want to be in a guild. And can not have fun?

simply because only your guild can have fun.

Not everyone has 4 hours to stay inside a stressful raid, and the US schedule does not exist contingent. do not give your opinion, search first before you have fun and others do not.


Did you search first before giving your weird opinion of free loot for everyone? I see so many guilds run the real raids without any problems. The people who complain about low T4 relic drops in RF are pretty much only you and a hand full of other RF non stop farmers.

Maybe you should not state your opinion before having done some research first?
Just ridiculous. At this point I think you are just trying to troll the forums with your constant suggestion of adding more T4 relics to the RF.


I do not know what bother you to rf give a higher rate on Tier 4 relics actually I do not know. What can rf disturb you in playing?