Raid finder has destroyed this game


So is this the time where we all assemble in the hub cities to collectively throw our RF rings on a big bonfire? :slight_smile:


I agree, all those chests in rf only is what kills the game. 6man’s and raids need them as well!

Why tf should I be the only player keeping Pillars of Heaven alive? The moment I get he Raider’s Helm of the Grasslands, Pillars will die (which is why I’m wondering if perhaps fate knows that and it doesn’t want me to ever get the helm)


I find RF that it’s very good to start in the pve getting ready in the real dungeons


But most dungeons can be done in T1 gear / blue khitai gear (a few days after people got level 80 on saga they started farming chaos for example), you don’t need T4 gear to run T3 for example, you don’t even need it for T4 but by doing RF you pretty much skip all these things because it’s easier and faster AND gives better rewards.


Hence why dungeons need rf rewards as well.


The title says it all. You can’t pug raids anymore unless it’s prime time and it’s the only raid. Screw RF.


the big problem has never been the raid finder, nor the dungeons, the problem has always been the huge lack of people to play, there are no more players. stop trying to make crumbs and make bread. slow down the difficulty of raids is a game of 10 years, no one wants to stay 1 year fight to have armor, create a virtual store. no more premium accounts “CREATE A VIRTUAL SHOP”


The population dropped started shortly after RF when less and less pugs could be filled. Before RF, there was countless pugs for all the tiers except T6, at any hour of the day. People stopped playing because a big proportion of the population only focused on RF and nothing else, and it’s natural, since, with patience, you can get T3, T3.5 and T4 gear with braindead content.

Why would new players bother learning the harder, real, raids and how to follow RL’s instructions when they can do whatever they want in RF, like spamming white hits or the same combo or spell over and over, or AFK (until polls were added), if they are going to get the loot anyway because the rest of the raid will carry them? RF was never called for, and its implementation couldn’t have been worse.


Because a game is meant to be fun and not stressful. As i used to do many pugs on fury for about 8 toons, i do also remember the wipes, the time to create a pug, the TS and even an hacked version of TS that got 2 guilds hacked. Add a pug maker who is a fool, add the loot stealers, the snobby guilds and players, then you get the reason many players had enough of it. The pugs were yes fun, but they were not so fun at all.

@Garrus-N7 I guess i did join one of your pugs and i was kicked while i was getting in there because you joined after me another player same class as me, eventually you ended in my ignore list where you will remain for the rest of your in game life, and this is not the first time i read complains about you, do you see now why players do not like pugs anymore.


So you are saying you want to buy raidarmor right from the shop? Why even play the game then, what’s the point of the armor if you don’t have any use for it?
You can do all dungeons in T4 armor which is so damn easy to get nowdays since RF killed the real raids, you don’t need 1 year to get T4 armor anymore, I know some players who got their full T4 set in less than 3 months because they were farming RF and the real raids from time to time - and one of them went straight ahead to farm T6 raids with his guild. He basically skipped 90% of the content that is in the game and you want to make the remaining 10% skippable too?

What’s the point in playing a game if you can simply buy everything? It’s like cheating in single player games where you put commands in the console to get the best armor set - what’s the point in playing the game?

Also, have you considered that doing raids and dungeons is NOT only for the gear? If you dislike the dungeons and raids so much and only like the few numbers on your new gear then the game might not be fitting for you… you know, normally a game is played to have fun, I personally can’t see how some items from the item shop can make the game more fun or enjoyable, I even think it’s going to make the game even worse because people buy the armor, then think “Well, what am I supposed to do now?”.
These people are then invincible to solo mobs but can’t even hold aggro in Atzel’s Fortress or Crow’s Nest and will leave the game.

I haven’t really gotten any new items since the merge of the first saga server and I still enjoy doing dungeons, simply because I like the mechanics and playing the game - but since the RF is leeching all the players away from dungeons it’s getting harder and harder to play the game on a daily basis, I have to admit that most of the time I am online I am only chatting with people and not even playing, simply because all you see in the global chat is “gooooooooo rf 19/24” or “rf need healer” / “healer sign rf!!!11!!1”


Lol, judging from what you said I am more than certain you must be one of the few people who neither listen to the strats or instructions I give during the runs. The only time I kicked someone I apologised and explained why, if you got removed for no reason you simply gave no effort to play and/or botched my runs multiple times, and it’s not like you’re the only one. I ban a lot of players from my groups simply because they think they know the Strat better, only for me to prove them wrong. I think the best example is a guy named Friday who joined my group last week. He kept ordering group around and getting it killed, until I kicked him and got the Strat right. I don’t play around with people like that, I want people to enjoy the runs, not be fked over and stuck in a Dungeon for 2 hours.


Dungeons are not just for fun, they are also great for vanity hunts! Like I do. 24/7. 7/4. For a whole month now! Still enduring the Dungeon runs, but I fear I might burn out. Hence why I’m downloading SWTOR as a preemptive prep.
Nevertheless, RF is bad. Mostly because it’s the only solid Shard farm method. Dungeons and raids need them as well.


I think best example how rf is horrible content killer is from previous saga, there was 24/7 insane amount of any level dungeons / raids going… till RF came and whole global went quiet for people ONLY to mindlessly farm RF

Fun thing is that I been doing few mona runs lately … and having t4-t5 geared people that do not know the tactics in these “easy” basic dungeons… nor can t5 tank hold aggro from blue geared people :unamused:


@Garrus-N7 read careful what i have said before to answer, if you did real careful you would had found out i wasn’t even in the pillar as i was kicked because you don’t even know how to make a group figures to “lead” an instance, with your attitude no wonder why nobody joins your pillar anymore.


You made exactly the same statement as one other that I removed for such reason. Hence why I said what I said. Just because you say you got removed before the group started before you came, doesn’t make it true. It’s not the first time someone slanders me because I removed their toxic presence.


Yeah that’s sad. I’m not going to be picky here, but many times t5 geared people are the ones to be avoided. I guess it’s because beginners go for t5 without knowing most of the time that it is garbage in most cases. Funny how my gmate is able to tank arrow volley damage from Brass Mask with t4, and those t5s die so damn fast haha :joy:


even tho the armor from t5 shares the overall budget of t4, theres still alot of drops to aquire from t5 that you’d want for a decked out character, for dps classes it comes down to runes that add powerfull buffs or finess-hits. Tanks like guard and DT want the blunt + necklace combination thats even better then t6 weapon + necklace.

tier 5s difficulty-level is lightyears away from the difficulty of the ways you can aquire t4 gear in current aoc (t4 + raidfinder).


I’m guessing that Garrus may be referring to those who acquire t5 from spending excessive amounts of real money on the lottery boxes as opposed to those who have completed the instance many times and have the purple rune and specifically picked t5 items.
It was a sad day when our beloved game became a pay-to-gear game … I won’t call it pay-to-win as t5 pieces alone in many cases is losing not winning…losing out on fun learning dungeons and raids…Ending up with worse gear than gained in game from a lower tier…


Both yes and no. In many cases the ones with t5 grinded for t5 without knowing that for them the t5 gear is way worse and use that. Tho those who got lucky on drops, well, sadly that counts as well. I just honestly hope FUNCOM does something to stop P2W aspect of this game. It hurts the game a damn lot.


atleast add some scaling dungeons so we can make use of the rings / t6.

like delred said, 1st Saga before RF became active was a sight to behold, just full on dungeons/raids excitement, getting/hunting gear all over hyboria! After the RF switched on everyone got what they needed and the general excitement faded.

Make dungeons great again