Raid finder has destroyed this game


Oh my, there is no way a meaningfull amount of people just “grinded” T5 and now is not able to clear the easy Khitai dungeons. There are and were just not enough real farming raids in T5, and you almost can not carry people through T5 (and the guilds and raidforces who were or are able to do that are not the ones who WOULD carry people who can not play). As said the budget for T5 is like T4, so T5 is (minus some special pieces) not worse than T4. Not better per se, but not worse. Also, I wonder with which gear they should have farmed T5, esp. tanks? You need to meet certain thresholds to be of use in T5, which you can not meet with only T3, or T3,5 or khitai. Again, I am not talking about the top 5 guilds and T5 raidforces.

In other words: Esp. tanks who got their T5 gear from the raid can play. Way way better than the rf crowd. If they play badly in such easy content they bought the gear, and did not do the raid.

(Yes I am aware that there might be some few players who got carried through T5. But they do not summ up to a noticable crowd.)


I read comments about how easy the RF made it to get items, so i was playing this game since 2008 for about 2 years, i had about 8 level 80, most of them were kitted with T1/T2, the T3 nobody was actually doing it. I came back few months ago. If RF was not here i would expect pugs in T4 or T5, instead none. My demo is barely T4 my DT is T3 my other toons still have the same items. You say the RF made it easier but i don’t see it that way. If we still had the players and the pugs this time i was already going for T5, and leave alone the guilds because they don’t join you unless you have good items, also as a tank without runes how can i switch aggro, the game got spoiled and you see T6 tanking T4, the RF is more a social event.



So I must say that I cannot wait to make my return in 2019 to Age of Conan: Unchained, because I have missed it these past two and half years; Weapon of Set, Rogue-Assassin Areelav and Law of Set, Priest-Tempest of Set Nirdail to server-realm of Crom, by Set!

Now more importantly…
Been trying to catch-up on events passed and by Set, I cannot believe I read all 202 comments written so far on this topic, because I was from a time well before (Raid Finder)… I am horrified by what I read so far on it.

Originally long before Age of Conan, I cut my teeth in the MMORPG market with World of Warcraft and long after departed from that world completely at the start of World of Warcraft: Expansion - Cataclysm, but mainstay reason was under this ever growing iteration of annoyance that developed in World of Warcraft: Expansion - Wrath of the Lich King is the (Random Dungeon Finder - Queue System).

Before that iteration came along it was painstakingly fought for by alot of the community because it promoted more used of content-use out of dungeons that were sitting vacant or barely visited. Many were locked on main-characters that were already leveled to cap and did not desire to complete for the rewards or moreover, for only certain dungeons for rewards… be it specific armors, weapons, recipes, reagents for crafting-professions.

Though for a time many did not even realize there was a (looking for dungeon - menu); basically you complete a number of quests for the region leading you to the quest-line of quests to enter the dungeon and you were a minimum level-gap, then you could put your character name on a list for ‘those who seek to create a group to enter that specific or multiple-dungeons’ they met the requirements for. To which, one would venture back to your Faction-Kingdom [Horde or Alliance] seeking out a character whose profession was Blacksmith for the creation of [uncommon or rare] armor sets and weapons of minimal requirement for the dungeon/s, though at your level of use.

Basest for this gives credence for those who choose the Blacksmith-profession and sub-class of either armorsmith or weaponsmith, but also gave courage for those to who paid [through Auction House] or gathered the resources for the Blacksmith, so that they with their group-members [who also did the same] could enter and brave the dungeon; though the crafts were not greater than the dungeon rewards, but also you could not enter the dungeon pass its level-gap; only if your group were all at max-level cap and all still had quests, could enter, otherwise you had to be summoned through a portal to enter.

Love it back then… there was realistic epicness to this play; but then that changed and evloved to something horrid and I left unapologetic to Age of Conan!

(I came in Age of Conan before year four and stay till about late year six and a half)

Now to make my comment and suggestions on this (Raid Finder)…

To be completely honest, I would rejoice in praise to the removal of it, but alast that will not hold too well for inspiring new-community to the world in Age of Conan: Unchained, but I figure a slight recourse is needed!

One think that was more of a grind, then the grind for group normal/unchained dungeons, solo normal/unchained dungeons, normal/epic regions, and completing House of Crom/Khitai-dungeons or even traveling out to the Savage Coast of Turan in normal/godslayer mode… was getting the coin to buy the Tier-armors and Khitai-faction armors, weapons and accessories; it cost A LOT of coin!

By Set, people would thief all day taking armors, weapons, reagents, recipes, AND TIER ARMOR & WEAPONS TO SELL FOR COIN!

I even knew a guild that farmed crafting tier weapons just for the coin!

How about this…
(Raid Finder) should be a tool for new-community to learn mechanics of their Archetype-class and also be introduced to raid-mechanics for Age of Conan; removal of relic tier-rewards and its tier-armor/weapons should be replaced with Simple Trophies, Mark’s of Acclaim, and Esteem Tokens, tier-profession/tradeskill recipes, reagents, and lots of gold, at least minimal be nine-gold be per (Raid Finder) completion, with a first completion of the week give fifteen-gold; also include Tier-One to Tier-4 to (Raid Finder).

Make the (Raid Finder) be a learning tool with some rewards, but not the overall rewards!

… also, I am not a fan of a (6-man Group Dungeon Finder); I would probably NOT RETURN to Age of Conan for something like that.


Ingame gold for gear is not an issue for any player nowadays. You can make gold pretty fast and easy, even with thr rf finder giving so much tokens you will have the gold once you can buy your new item.


Even if that is the case, by Set… tier-relics and tier-armor/weapons should not be apart of (Raid Finder); causes too much issues pertaining to having an able-bodied community to conquer the progressions of content and story-arc of said progression.

I would think and should be noted… tier-three should not be your entry point to raiding and just noting the failures of Guilds not raising its community that it thrives in to reinforce introducing tier-one, two and so on should not be linchpin to close the gap between the Guild and non-Guild to have a (Raid Finder) that rewards and not truly teach.

(Raid Finder) should be a tool for those who may not be hardcore as some Guilds, nor strict, and impatient as some can be, but still learn how to combat the raid and be leaders for themselves to rise and take the battle themselves to the raid! Learn the mechanics from the (Raid Finder) then form the raid-party without Guilds and dine on the rewards in true glory!

Yet… no one will learn if they are rewarded whether they learn or not and the problem is they are not, truly! They are no more but disregarding progression raiding that would aid you to grow in your Archetype and in strategy to be a progressive in raiding!

Just remove tier-relics and tier-armor/weapons… provide substitute in Mark of Acclaims, Esteem Tokens, tradeskill/profession recipes, reagents, and coin; add bonuses for AA-progression. No more tier-relics and tier-armors/weapons should be given in (Raid Finder)… if they do so, make the (Raid Finder) for all tiers except the most current, then the community will truly grow and progress, because then they will be knowledgable and better raiders; the end of needing a Guild to teach you the raids will end and Age of Conan begins!


I just think the percentage of relics IV this very low is 1 chest for every 10 rf completed, not all people like to play with guilds, for example I am one of the people who does not support being in a guild


That’s kinda the trade-off for playing a multiplayer game mostly solo.


This again. What about…just doing the real raids and earn the effing gear?
You don’t like to be in a guild? Newsflash from 2009: You do not have to be in a guild in AoC to raid! You just have to l2p your class, and want to play your class, instead of mindlessly pushing random buttons.

There is no logic, not even an argument in demanding rewards for…not doing what gives this rewards. I really like to stay in bed and read all day, and I demand payment for that! Just…because!


I think the subject has already been treated exhaustively. If you do not need to be in a guild and do not need to do the raid you do not need the gear.
Gear is something you need to prepare for the next challenge.
You equip T1 to face the T2, you equip yourself T2 to face the T3 etc.etc.
If you do not have to face anything you do not need anything!


Therefor it does not matter at what speed you get your t4 items for “vanity uses”


I do not participate in normal raids I do not have the patience to spend hours suffering in a normal raid. all my armors of my characters I buy in raid finder, but in this last months the relics have no drop like they were previously.

Previously the relics of tier 4 drop more easily I’m having a lot of trouble getting Tier 4 relics.
One relic every 20 or more to drop a relic IV.

I think the game should do this for everyone, after all t4 raids are part of khitai expansion


But you’re willing to suffer hours with spam vote-to-kick people and vote-to-retreat people in rf?

Does not compute.


yes I am, I am not part of any guild, no guild I like. so due to this on my side and because I do not like to stay 2 hours inside a real raid, yes I’d rather stay 15 minutes in a rf and get 2 or 3 relics a day, while staying in a real raid.


RF take more time of one normal raid and are most suffering and toxic. Now with kick situation is slightly better but rest then last week on Entity for example was a torment with 1 wipe on Saddur for ninjapulling with add, 1 wipe on Strom for ninjapulling with 3/4 of raid out, 1 or 2 wipes on Mithrella, 3 wipes on Lu Zhi cause no rogue remove heals and no KB and 3 or 4 wipes with several kick on Entity for totally mess


Is people here a democracy, or is it a fighting ring?


The only 15 minute rf’s I’ve been in are w3 brc week.

Every other rf takes 40+ minutes full of toxicity. You tell me you rather spend 1.5 hours in rf t4 entity week because no rogue knows when to use fh/tw on lu-zhi and people wont stand on the platform on entity? And you enjoy being berated by strangers for not being good enough that you’d rather be berated by them than get to know a group of 23 people who raid every week?

Then you should rare farm sololy. The gear is only a tiny bit worse than t4, and you don’t have to be around people on a social MMO game, then.


it’s basically a democracy especially because this is a discussion on a forum where basically we’re users and none of us counts a ■■■■ in implementing features.
Each person says his opinion and argues it.
Many people and I try to explain that the RF have ruined the game quite as they are, increasing the relic can not do well for anything and for sure will not do well to the game.
I argue with technical data (I gave you the example of the nightmare passed on Entity 1 or 2 weeks ago) so disgusting that I’m skipping the RF this week, you do not carry valid arguments, you say you do not have time and then write

20 or more drop is few time? in that time you had done one T5+T6
We are in democracy as you say, but from your side i only read whining and QQ without any technical reason for do it!


if I do not like raids like I’m going to do raids t5 and t6, what part of “I do not like” do not you understand?


if you not like raid you have to endure the relics that you find in RF without whining, it’s already too much, do not you understand?


If you don’t like raids what exactly are you doing in —RAID— finder.