Raid finder has destroyed this game


It’s destroyed Khitai and the factions and pretty much the Tier raids 4 and below. There’s no need to do any of these things anymore.


Well Lvl 80 pvp saga is going to be a chaos farmfest tho because those will be the best rings in game (unless that dungeon gets removed to, which it should). good times ahead…


Well, RF is going to be disabled on Saga of Blood, so…


I know, and what about chaos?


Oh, I misread your post. I read it as “chaotic farmfest”. Let me bug Muss about that :stuck_out_tongue:


I grinded my @ss off in khitai 6mans to gear up my conq, tos and necro. the only way I`ll go back is if funcom will fix vendor price or remove paywall aka gold cap, so I can buy some armors for vanity


It is definatly not too hard. People are just too bad.


They should add shards to the 6 mans as well, not just the raids. Maybe not as a direct drop but as quest reward, kinda like unchained dungeons. They can separate the quest by zones in Khitai. For example: You get a quest in NG to kill all the bosses in the Warmonks and Kang Pagoda. Once complete, you turn the quest in and get some amount of MoAs and 4 Atlantean shards, as a quest reward. Do the same for all the zones, and maybe even those unchained dungeon quests.


Would love (oh so much), if they added a Dungeon-Finder (for 6 people) as well!


The pugs were actually fun and good, what i don’t like about the RF is that the instance is too easy and there are no drops. It is there just for the AA to level. However it is a good idea because when you are bored now you know what to do. Overall i guess it was a good add in the game. They should do something like the minigames, if you want to form a group to go for example in MONA/PALACE then you sign up in there and it will form the group.


Bro what in the flying F you talking :thinking:?

The whole point of raiding is to progress through them and learn. In fact, every god *damn raid tier in this game is way too easy and dumbed down. And everyone is new at t5-t6 at one point, And it should be even easier now than was before right? I mean… the tactics on every boss are up there. GO and read them, get a raiding team and do it, simple. Its easy game not a rocket science.

Also t4 can be done in blue gears now days with half of raid being afk, since it been nerfed extremely heavily and people over gear the raid.

What people seem to forget is that, you dont need a t4 gear to do tier 4 raid. People don’t need full t6 geared people to kill t6 bosses. t4 is supposed to be done in t2-t3 / khitai gears. There is no excuses on why people should not be able to do t5-t6. if they don’t have a time to raid, Well tough luck I guess its just time to change game then, and not expect everything to be fed with a golden spoon-


That has been suggested several times now, both here in the forum and in-game. Sadly we didn’t get any official response, but it really would be the best solution to the “RF problem” imo.

As it is now, many visually beautiful, well-desinged, challenging and fun dungeons are as good as dead because the rewards they offer are inferior to T4 gear that you get from farming RF. There is simply no reason for doing them both as a new player or a veteran other than just for fun/old times’ sake. And that is a crying shame considering the awesome 6-man content this game has to offer and how much new players would benefit from playing this content. You become a good player and learn to play your favorite class(es) at their best potential by doing 6-mans, not by trudging along a RF group with 5x wipe buff, doing white hits or spamming one spell and still getting loaded with relics and shards for op gear.

Add something like just 5 shards (guaranteed instead of RF lottery loot) to the loot boxes of the last boss of Ardashir Fort, Coils & Wyrm, Khitai dungeons (other tham flame/vortex/palace), Unchained dungeons etc. and:

  • RF stays as it is so the PvP purists and totally ambitionless PvE’ers can farm their T4 gear and shards exclusively this way (whatever the latter group is gonna do with it once they are decked out, surely not T5 and T6).
  • the veterans can do RF once a week to speed up getting gear and shards on new and old toons but also get a very useful reward (shards) for doing more 6-mans with their friends again and, you know, actually have fun instead of suffering through mind-numbing RF wipe fests.
  • new players who want to see all that this game has to offer and have ambition to improve their skills get a strong incentive to form learning groups for 6-mans or to join their experienced guildies in newly formed dungeon runs.

It’s a win-win solution for everybody! Please consider something like this, @Mussagana. :pray:


I grinded it for 12 toons but the area is interesting and the dungeons are a fun part of going through the game and now none of it is needed thanks tot he short cut to T4 gear. Are you saying RF is a better option for the game in general than Khitai?


no, I think both should be in game. also I think funcom should add some new carrot :carrot:) to khitai 6mans to attract ppl. I`m non sub, I’ve spent more than enough $ in this game(all expansion packs, some of them CE and all packs from steam, minus Might of Crom, they took it away b4 I got it) so as I said or new carrot or remove pay wall so I will go back to farm rares to buy some vanity.


you can do T6 in T1-T3 gear… that was proven on Saga.


But that does not mean it’s something that is extremely easy to achieve, the ones who actually did it were a hardcore endgame raiding guild that farms T6 like it’s Flame / Vortex.


I know, I was there, with the first people that did


I don’t understand the notion of “T4 and other raids being too difficult, hence RF is the answer”. Sooo, what’s the point of the game? Just to get the gear while standing in Old Tarantia and pressing RF sign-up? What for?
I naively thought that playing the game and going through the actual content is why people play.


YOU all don’t know what you’RE tALking about! i Love raid finder and Given the chAnce i would do it all daY!

imo add t5 and 6 to it and let the good times roll!


Let the good times roll and add a Dungeonfinder (for 6 people) as well!