Raid finder has destroyed this game


What’s the point of having open world at all then?




Yes RF did destroy the game but at this point I am actually of the opinion that the RF should just stay forever… this might sound a little harsh right now but to be honest: I don’t want to play with the RF farmers in normal groups, if I get to play with them in normal dungeons it destined to be a complete disaster.
Talisman DTs in full T4 gear with legendary DPS rings and gems barely hitting 500 DPS, not being able to hold aggro even if I unequip half of my gear (yes that really happened), Healers that are “healing specced” and refuse to use damage spells or instead are using WHITE HITS as PoM or ToS (some of them literally end up with just 50 DPS in the logs), Assassins and barbs that still didn’t fully understand how the combo system works but somehow deciphered what simple relic IV do and where to buy the gear. The list goes on.
Obviously, helping them does not work most of the time, I am always the one who is playing wrong - I do too much DPS and should focus on healing, I do too much DPS and should focus on not grabbing aggro (even with -20% hate and aggro dump lol) - but funnily enough, why does it easily work with non-RF farmers? Same gear, same encounter and it works flawlessly but it’s me who is the player doing things wrong. Sure I could adapt to their playstyle but that way we wouldn’t even get enough damage to kill bosses in old world dungeons… Iron Tower can be a harder challange for a fully T4 geared team than you think.

If RF would be removed these people would flood normal dungeons and some would quit - I don’t really care about the latter since I rarely play with these people anyways but having them try to do normal dungeons while not even understanding the basics of this game and wiping endlessly at the easiest encounters makes me lose brain cells.
Handing out T4 gear for free is one of the reasons these players got this kind of attitude, they got one of the best sets of gear in the game so they can’t be doing anything wrong, right?

Let them farm RF as long as they want, I don’t even care about it anymore, but the last few PUG groups out there should be spared from them…

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against teaching, I have teached a 5 man group how to do Ardashir Fort once, they were glad I helped them out and explained what they could do better or what they should do differently to use their character more efficiently, but people who refuse to take advises and start to flame me can go back to RF, I don’t want them. I would love to have the option to avoid the weekly RF by doing normal dungeons like Chaos, Wyrm, unchaineds and so (I wouldn’t even care if it was tied to the time trials, the faster you do it the more shards you get) on but for some reason this suggestion is getting ignored.


I don’t see what the problem is. If you don’t want to do RF then just don’t do it. Plus you can pick and choose who you take with you on regular raids. So what’s the problem? Seems like more pew pew is needed instead of all this QQ


If you want the rings you can’t skip RF.
Best items in the game - can’t be aquired by doing real dungeons and raids.


delete raid finder or 1 week every month for bots/truepvefarmers


Delete raid finder.


Delete raid finder or delete relic/rares III & IV from blue chests




because there already is a place where that items drops, are called raid T3 and raid T4.
Removing from RF and finally people bring their butts out from there and start REALLY play the game.
Tell YOU me, what the meaning in NO progression; enter, level 80, farm RF like Korean for what?
What is usefulness of farm shining gear T4 that you not use or need?
RF litteraly killed 90% of game!


That’s true. Rf killed 90% of content. Delete t3 and t4 relics from RF. Difficult of RF = T0 in epic keshatta or Onyx Chambers, haha.


Do I understand correctly the real why: you dont have enough players to do t3/ t4 with? Or you are angry because other people get the gear in a much easier way then you a few years ago?


I do not care that people gear themselves more easily. It would be so even without RF, since all the content was heavily nerfed, T3, T3.5 and 4 are a pale memory of what they were years ago, and I’m not asking to reintroduce the difficulty that they had before but the elimination of a meaningless content that does not allow players to play, learn how to play and explore beautiful places and have a normal progress of the game.
The RF had to be a training and instead they are the point of arrival and destination, the only content ever seen by many players, how sad!

I am angry because people’s laziness shifts their attention to the easier content making the rest not worthy.
The demonstration of this is visible to everyone. Saga of Zath, before the RF, a live and pulsing server, groups and pug of all kinds. I have been able to review instances abandoned for years, Khitai HM, Ai, Tian-An, HOC, Vile Nativity, Ardashir, T1-2-3-4, minigames, it was very funny.
The day the RFs were activated, the death.
Try fill now one Vile or Ardashir, you will need a pair of hour just for fill, if you are able to fill.
honestly when I now come into play on Crom, I see two things in global: SC and click CTRL + R join RF need healer!!!


They’re mad they can’t fill raids is what I’m taking from this too.


I agree with zujilin. I don’t know why RF farmers still discuss with facts.


This is all true, and the devs know this. I honestly have no clue why they don’t do something about RF. So many suggestions have been made, but nothing is done. RF make most content obsolete, since most players wont play content that doesnt give gear progression. Why do any 6-man when you have farmed T4 gear in RF pinata?

So when they are full T4 and goes into the real content, they cant play their character and more importantly they wont play for long since they get no satisfaction from the lower tier gear.

I asked a dev on testlive forum in PM to make adjustments to RF since it will kill other raids. He said he would revise if he saw the numbers for normal raids drop. Obviously they have dropped a lot, but nothing has been done about it. Would be nice to hear the reasoning behind this.


The reason is make ppl to sub for a game without new content

Shameless p2w model.

100% support delete RF, or nerf the loot from it + remove shards from it.
Also Spreadicus arguments per usual have very little base in reality.


Very little base in reality? You guys are always quick to offer up your views on pvp related topics so what? i can’t offer up my views here?

I don’t see why the hate for RF. If you don’t like it don’t partake in it. I learned how to do t3, 3.5 and 4 from rf and I can do the real raids just fine now. I never did those raids before because I stopped raiding before t3 was released… It should be noted my old guild would not even take me on a raid with my saga toon until I was wearing t3 gear minimum regardless of how well I could carry my weight. Gear was all that mattered.

So… My “argument” is what’s the big deal? Rf serves a valuable purpose in my view. Just fill your raids with your guildies and all will be right with the world.

Don’t spend so much time worrying about other people doing raid finder. Remember you can pick your raid mates. We still can’t pick our minigame team mates.

Life is too short to be so angry. Right? I mean I and my fellow deplorable pvp’rs have to deal with crap we don’t like so I guess what goes around comes around? Kinda sucks when the shoe is on your foot doesn’t it? :smirk:


same argument same nonsense

“if you dont like it dont parttake in it”

not how it works seeing how OP those rings are = no base in reality

one is forced to do it.

btw Im not that mad, just passionate :stuck_out_tongue:


Those rings are part of the game now. it’s a bit late to take them away now don’t you think? Might as well take away all t3 crafted weapons too? Maybe you should re-evaluate who has no sense of reality here. Why should newcomers to the game be denied the same gear you and I already have? Because you think its “OP”? :rofl: